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Present ecological situation on the Earth (дипломная работа)

Description Ecologcal situation on the Earth. Ecological Problems. Measures of the protection of atmosphere. Greenhouse effect, and his influence to climate. Acid rains and water pollution. Radiation Nuclear waste. Аgency agreement. Moskow environment.

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1. Problems of Environmental Protection in Ukraine
Parsing the ecological status of the territory of Ukraine. Analysis of climate change on Earth. An analysis of the problem of the shortage of fresh water on Earth. The problem of damage to the chemical balance of soil today.
дипломная работа

2. Protection of the environment in Kazakhstan and the language is spoken
Analysis of water pollution in Kazakhstan. The essence of environmental threats of radiation. The role of air quality for living organisms. The significance of garbage utilization. Protection of natural resources. Ways ensure environmental safety.

3. The water pollution
Water pollution is a large set of adverse effects upon water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater caused by human activities. Sources of water pollution. Water pollution in Belarus. Man-made water systems. Natural water contamination.

4. The negative and positive ecological impacts of technology
The world problems: the amount of energy that is consumed globally. Ecological impacts on the planet. Information communications technologies that have affected the ecology of the planet. Developing environmentally friendly products such as bio-fuels

5. Ecological problems
Contamination of atmosphere enterprises. Disappearance of the forests and violation of oxygen balance. Extinction of rare varieties of animals, birds, fishes, drying up of the rivers and lakes. Maintenance of life on a planet for future generations.

6. Environmental problems
Environmental problems in the modern world. Environmental protection. The shortage of clean water. Industrial pollution. Lake Baikal is one of the worlds’ largest and most beautiful lakes. Rich variety of fish and plants. The problem of air pollution.

7. Acid rain
The appearance of acid rain as a result of mixing nitrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction of compounds of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Effect of acid rain on the environment and people. Causes of acid precipitation.

8. On ecocriticism formation in Ukrainian literary studies
Ecological culture of the Ukrainian ethnos. The ecologically-centered tendency of Ukrainian literary studies. Memoirs, devoted to the accident in Chornobyl. Endeavor to cover in a works all the tragedy of the Chornobyl catastrophe to the full extent.

9. Geoengineering - a part of climate change policies
Reconsidering climate change governance. Geoengineering - a literature review. Ethical aspects of geoengineering. Incorporating geoengineering in DICE. Radiation balance, сost benefit analyses. Climate damage, environmental impacts and abatement.

10. Nuclear and Related Analytical Techniques in Ecology: Impact of Geoecological Factors on the Balance of Trace Elements in the Human Organism
Current capabilities of the nuclear and related analytical techniques: neutron activation analysis, X-ray fluorescent analysis, and atomic adsorption spectrometry - are used to carry out analysis of wide range of foodstuffs and drinking water in Russia.
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11. Ecology Space debris
The concept and types of pollution. The main sources of the origin of space debris. Measures to reduce the intensity of man-made space debris. The events that caused an increase in debris in orbit. Example designs of the main modules of space stations.

12. Effects of Acid Rain on an Ecosystem
Acid rain is a widespread problem found all over the world. The corrosive effects of acidic waters on man. Total effects of a factory polluting the air. Acid rain is devastating to the ecosystem and is one of the most pressing environmental issues today.

13. Indoor air pollution in developing countries: a major environmental and public health challenge
The health impact of indoor air pollution in developing countries (respiratory infections, cancer, pulmonary disease, infant mortality). The interrelationship between poverty, dependence on polluting fuels and the importance of socioeconomic development.

14. Deforestation: causes and consequences
Deforestation - the process of converting the land occupied by forest land, except in tree cover, such as pastures, cities, and other wasteland. Assessment of the main environmental consequences of this process for the entire planet, his background.

15. Resource Recovery and Materials Flow in the City: zero Waste and Sustainable Consumption as Paradigms in Urban Development
An overview of the complex global issues related to environmental health. Methods of efficient use and recovery of resources through waste minimization. The role of recycling in municipal and industrial levels for the preservation of urban ecology.

16. Aral, water and hydro-energy issues in Central Asia – view from Uzbekistan
Problems of Aral: impact on the gene pool of population, flora, fauna and international cooperation fop mitigating consequences. Socio-economic impact of Aral Sea crisis. Construction of new hydropower facilities on transboundary rivers of region.

17. The effects of anthropogenic pollution on the Kanev reservoir (Ukraine) phytoplankton
The sampling results of freshwater phytoplankton monthly during the two annual cycles at two stations of the River part of the Kanev reservoir within the Kiev city area. The seasonal distributions of phytoplankton and species taxonomic diversity.

18. Greenpeace and its activities
Descriptions of non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over 42 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam. Analyze Greenpeace activities such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing and nuclear power.

19. Using Bark Char Codes to Predict Post-fire Cambium Mortality
General location and physical features of sampled trees in fires. Field sampling. Bark char codes and description of bark appearance. Bark char quadrants with dead cambium. Management guidelines for using Ryan. Methods for assessing cambium injury.

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