Marxism and womens movement

The theory and practice of Marxism as it relates to womens liberation. In response to feminist criticism, many Marxists have been unnecessarily defensive. Marxism, feminism and the struggle for reform. The real Marxist tradition. The Russian Revolution.

  • Social-democratic workers under the influence of the ideology of class collaboration with the bourgeoisie. Communist movement as the defender of the values of western civilisation. A welfare program and unparalleled degree of private enterprise.

    , 23.06.2010

  • One of the long-established misconceptions about the lexicon is that it is neatly and rigidly divided into semantically related sets of words. In contrast, we claim that word meanings do not have clear boundaries.

    , 30.11.2002

  • The symbol of the Olympic Movement is 5 bound rings on a white background: blue, yellow, black, green and red. History and main stages of development of the Paralympic Winter Games. participants in these games in Sochi, the 21014 received awards.

    , 16.04.2014

  • Th Sclst Trdtn f Mrx, ngls, Lnn, Luxmburg nd Trtsky. Guvrs Pth t Sclsm: Grbbng Stt Pwr nd ntrntnlsm. Buldng Sclsm: Th Ftsh f th Stt. Wrkrs nd Dmcrcy n Cub: Pst nd Prsnt.

    , 23.06.2010

  • Politics ukrainization, conducted by the bolsheviks. National and spiritual revival of Ukraine after the First World War. Proofs of regional revitalization movement. Museum of local traffic as a kind of excursion. Preferential tourist activities.

    , 10.05.2011

  • The development of painting in the USA. The Colonial Period. The First American Revolution and the young republic. The Era of Jacksonian Democracy. The main genres of painting and their representatives. Landscape painting, still life and history painting.

    , 15.02.2014

  • Tea with milk like the national drink of Englishmen. The national holidays in Great Britain. Festival of street entertainment, the whole town turns into a "place for a walk", parade the Lord Mayor and the international festival of street theater.

    , 12.05.2009

  • As is generally known, science and education are one of resources of the state, one of fundamental forms of culture of civilization, as well as competitive advantage of every individual. Basics of general theory of systems (GTS) and systemic analysis.

    , 13.10.2008

  • The review of the main traditions of celebration of national holidays in Great Britain. Organization and carrying out university competitions. The British are considered to be the worlds greatest tea drinkers. Pub is a favourite vacation spot of British.

    , 26.01.2013

  • The theory f usage "like": component, different meanings, possibility to act as different part of speech, constructions, semantic principles of connectivity, component in compound words. The peculiarities of usage "like". The summarizing of the results.

    , 21.12.2011

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