Financial markets and trading strategies

The behavior of traders on financial markets. Rules used by traders to determine their trading policies. A computer model of the stock exchange. The basic idea and key definitions. A program realization of that model. Current and expected results.

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  • Main segments of the financial market: investment, loan, stock, insurance, foreign exchange markets. Top 10 currency traders of overall volume. Internationalization of the national currency. The ratio of US Dollar and Euro against ruble in 2009-2012.

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  • Development banking, increasing the degree of integration of the banking sector of Ukraine in the international financial community, empowerment of modern financial markets, increasing range of banking products. The management mechanism of bank liquidity.

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  • The grey market is an over-the-counter market where dealers may execute orders for preferred customers as well as provide support for a new issue before it is actually issued. Sometimes, "dark markets” are referred to as a third type of grey market.

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  • A bank: nature of activity, main business-processes and organizational structure, the market place and history. Definitions of the project and project management, the project life cycle. Management of development projects in a bank, the expected results.

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  • Asian Development Fund. Poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific. Promotion of pro poor, sustainable economic growth. Supporting social development. Facilitating good governance. Long-term Strategic Framework. Private, financial sector development.

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  • Financial position of the "BTA Bank", prospects, business strategy, management plans and objectives. Forward-looking statements, risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results of operations; strategy and business environment.

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  • The concept and general characteristics of the banking system and its main elements of the claimant. Current trends and prospects of development of the banking system, methods of its realization, legal foundation. Modern banking services in Ukraine.

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  • Суб’єкти та контролюючі органи переказів коштів. Умови і тарифи на здійснення переказу за системою Western Union. Порядок отримання переказу. Законодавство України, яке регламентує діяльність банків щодо захисту їх безпеки на ринку банківських послуг.

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  • Meaning of currency operations and order in relation to the currency of legal entities and individuals. Currency regulation and currency control. Term (forward) operations in foreign currencies. Foreign exchange transactions. The transaction "swap".

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  • Понятие и история, цели и задачи фондовой биржи. Биржевые индексы. Московская межбанковская валютная биржа (ММВБ) (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange) - история создания и основные направления деятельности. Срочный и товарный рынок. Расчеты и клиринг.

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