Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin, Darwin’s Critters. The Journey Home. The Ride Home. Ideas that Shaped Darwin’s Thinking. Darwin Presents His Case. Publication of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Inherited Variation & Artificial Selection.

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  • The role of deuterium in molecular evolution is most interesting question of nowdays science comprises two points mainly: the evolution of deuterium itself as well as the chemical processes going with participation of deuterium.

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  • Основні особливості створення нового селекційного матеріалу, причини використання маркерних ознак в селекції при створенні нових популяцій. Сутність терміну "Marker-Assisted Selection". Аналіз генетичних маркерів м’ясної продуктивності свиней та корів.

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  • Actually, it doesn’t have to do with cloning process itself, we speak of getting exact copies of particular man because cloning means obtainment of several persons.

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  • Loch Ness is a large deep freshwater lake in Scotland. The history and secret of Loch Ness Monster according to legend: animal or old logs, . A huge cluster of tourists. The theory of the appearance of Nessie. Facts of the existence of for a long time.

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