The basic principles of regulation by safety of economy

The major structural elements of economic safety of a national economy branches. The structural analysis of economic activity. Share of wages in ВВП, of productivity of Russia and western countries. The essence of the economic taxes and their purpose.

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  • Organizational structure of "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC. Formation of financial resources of the Fund. Mining and power assets directorate. The characteristic stages of the process of registration of new legal entities. Cash flow from the operating activity has.

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  • Затраты производства в системе конкурентоспособности компании, зарубежный опыт. Характеристика предприятия КЖУП "Гомельский райжилкомхоз", показатели финансово-хозяйственной деятельности. Определение себестоимости методом Activity based costing.

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  • The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility and main approaches. Stakeholder VS Shareholders. The principles of CSR: features and problems. Sanofi Group Company and its Social Responsibility program. Results and Perspectives, the global need.

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  • Establishing a favorable environment for investments, removing administrative barriers. Establishing high-technology parks. Formation of financial mechanisms to attract and support investments, tax stimulation measures. Brand promotion of Russian regions.

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  • Issues about housing prices formation process. Analytical model of housing prices. Definition a type of relationship between the set of independent variables and housing prices. The graph of real housing prices of all Russian regions during the period.

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  • Solving the problem of non-stationary time series. Estimating nominal exchange rate volatility ruble/dollar by using autoregressive model with distributed lags. Constructing regressions. Determination of causality between aggregate export and volatility.

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  • Natural gas market overview: volume, value, segmentation. Supply and demand Factors of natural gas. Internal rivalry & competitors' overview. Outlook of the EU's energy demand from 2007 to 2030. Drivers of supplier power in the EU natural gas market.

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  • A theoretic analysis of market’s main rules. Simple Supply and Demand curves. Demand curve shifts, supply curve shifts. The problem of the ratio between supply and demand. Subsidy as a way to solve it. Effects of being away from the Equilibrium Point.

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  • Экономический анализ инвестиционных проектов. Определение выгод и затрат инвестиционных проектов. Расчет показателей эффективности (Cost-Benefit Analysis). Оценка общественной эффективности проекта. Анализ рисков проекта с помощью дерева решений.

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