Analysis of activity of company DTEK Zuevskaya TPP

General characteristic of the LLC DTEK Zuevskaya TPP and its main function. The history of appearance and development of the company. Characteristics of the organizational management structure. Analysis of financial and economic performance indicators.

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  • State intervention in the economy. Assessment and the role of teaching Veblen. Economic development of the society. Process of long-term loan and the inclusion of investor-banker in industrial production. Negative aspects of American institucionalism.

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  • Thematic review of the characteristics of each factor of production. The theories of main economists. The possible variants of new factors of production. Labor resources. "Elementary factors of the labour-process" or "productive forces" of Marx.

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  • The first stage of market reforms in Kazakhstan is from 1992 to 1997. The second phase is in 1998 after the adoption of the Strategy "Kazakhstan-2030". The agricultural, education sectors. The material and technical foundation of the medical institutions.

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  • The Hamburger Industry: franchising, market conduct, marketing strategies of competing parties. Challenges confronting in the fast-food industry. Conflicts between franchisers and franchisees. Consumer behavior. The main role of management, its changes.

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  • Establishing a favorable environment for investments, removing administrative barriers. Establishing high-technology parks. Formation of financial mechanisms to attract and support investments, tax stimulation measures. Brand promotion of Russian regions.

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  • Solving the problem of non-stationary time series. Estimating nominal exchange rate volatility ruble/dollar by using autoregressive model with distributed lags. Constructing regressions. Determination of causality between aggregate export and volatility.

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  • Natural gas market overview: volume, value, segmentation. Supply and demand Factors of natural gas. Internal rivalry & competitors' overview. Outlook of the EU's energy demand from 2007 to 2030. Drivers of supplier power in the EU natural gas market.

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  • Экономический анализ инвестиционных проектов. Определение выгод и затрат инвестиционных проектов. Расчет показателей эффективности (Cost-Benefit Analysis). Оценка общественной эффективности проекта. Анализ рисков проекта с помощью дерева решений.

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  • Формирование корпоративных структур. Порядок государственного регулирования деятельности. Мировая практика деятельности холдингов. Финансовые показатели, управление, органы управления, факторы роста, управление рисками в АО "System Capital Management".

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  • The essence of Natural Monopoly. The necessity of regulation over Natural Monopoly. Methods of state regulation over the Natural Monopolies. Analysis and Uzbek practice of regulation over Monopolies. Natural Monopolies in modern Economy of Uzbekistan.

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