Marketing Research Project for a Russian Company

The history of the company. Entering the market of pastas and the present position of the company. The problem of the company. The marketing research. The history of the market of pastas of Saint Petersburg and its present state.

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  • Research tastes and preferences of consumers. Segmenting the market. Development of product concept and determine its characteristic. Calculating the optimal price at which the firm will maximize profits. Formation of optimal goods distribution.

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  • The collection and analysis of information with a view of improving the business marketing activities. Qualitative & Quantitative Research. Interviews, Desk Research, Test Trial. Search Engines. Group interviews and focus groups, Secondary research.

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  • The main products of the company Apple. The first programmable microcomputer. Apple's marketing policy. The encoding of the voice signal. Secure data transfer protocols. Infringement of the patent in the field of wireless data company Motorola Mobility.

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  • Strategy and major stages of project’s fruition. Production of Korean cuisine dishes. Analysis of the industry sector, of produce’s market, of business rivals. Marketing plan, volume of sales, personnel and company management. Cost of the project.

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  • Event marketing is a promotional strategy that involves face-to-face contact between companies and their customers at special events like concerts, fairs, and sporting events. Red Bull GmbH: facts and history. Efficacy of event marketing in the company.

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  • Theoretical aspects of efficiency of development of advertising activity and your place in marketing system, development and its value for manufacturers and consumers. Research of the advertising campaign of the new goods in open company "Nataly".

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  • Philip Morris International - the leading international tobacco company: history, brands, productivity. The organizational structure of the company. Development of innovative products. Contents of charitable programs. Quality control, testing on animals.

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  • Business plans are an important test of clarity of thinking and clarity of the business. Reasons for writing a business plan. Market trends and the market niche for product. Business concept, market analysis. Company organization, financial plan.

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  • Executive summary. Progect objectives. Keys to success. Progect opportunity. The analysis. Market segmentation. Competitors and competitive advantages. Target market segment strategy. Market trends and growth. The proposition. The business model.

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  • Marketing of scientific and technical products and services in the field of information technology. Differences sales activity in B2B and B2C. The role of the procurement center and features of the procurement decision-making in the industrial market.

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  • История изобретения тонизирующего напитка и создания "The Coca-Cola Company". Строительство сети заводов на территории США. Популяризация Coca-Cola на мировом рынке, ее конкурентная борьба с Pepsi. Ассортимент напитков и маркетинговая стратегия компании.

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  • Экономическая, социальная и коммуникационная роль рекламной и маркетинговой деятельности на предприятии. Анализ рекламной стратегии The Coca-Cola Company: краткая биография компании, обзор рынка, конкурентоспособность; популярные рекламные кампании.

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  • The internal and external communication systems of the Nestle company. Background of the company. SWOT analysis: strength, weaknesses, opportunities. Architecture of Intranet systems. Business use of intranet systems. Intranet tools and its benefits.

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  • Аналіз конкурентної ситуації в міжнародній галузі машинобудування. Прогнозування кон’юнктури галузі. Аналіз міжнародної конкурентоспроможності компанії "Deere & Company". SWOT-аналіз та прогнозування конкурентної стратегії досліджуваної компанії.

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  • The concept of advertising as a marketing tool to attract consumers and increase demand. Ways to achieve maximum effect of advertising in society. Technical aspect of the announcement: style, design, special effects and forms of distribution channels.

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  • Plan of marketing. Absence of a large number of competitors. The emergence of new competitors. Active advertising policy. The absence of a known name in the market. Break even point. The price for advertising. Distribution channels and pricing policy.

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  • Crisis in Russia and international tobacco enterprises. International tobacco companies in the Russian market. Рroper suggestions with the purpose to adapt them to the Russian tobacco market in the new circumstances to maintain the level of profit.

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  • Definition and classification of marketing communications, their variety and comparative characteristics. Models of formation of enterprise marketing, evaluation of their efficiency, structure and components. Factors influencing consumer behavior.

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  • An essence of marketing in the industry of hospitality. The role, place of hospitality in the sphere of services. The modern tendencies of development of the world industry of hospitality. The marketing concept, franchising, development of a new product.

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  • History of Nokia, its role in the telecommunications market and impact on the international business. Exit closed companies to market. Foreign direct investment and business strategy. Mergers, acquisitions and co complex. Foreign Exchange impact on Nokia.

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  • Getting to know the sources of competitive advantage. Consideration of the characteristics of the implementation of the marketing strategy. Characteristics of branding forms: corporate, emotional, digital. Analysis of the online advertising functions.

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  • Purpose of the Marketing Plan. Organization Mission Statement. The main strategies employed by BMW. Sales volume of automobiles. New records set for revenues and earnings. Current models of BMW. Product life cycle. Engagement in Celebrity Endorsement.

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  • The current status of our business. Products and services. Benefits of location and challenges. Number of patients who received dental services in 2013. Impact from industry changes. Market description and characteristics. Market niche and share.

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  • Рассмотрение деятельности Лео Бернетта как одного из самых великих рекламистов двадцатого века. Соединенные Штаты Америки в Первой мировой войне. Великая Депрессия в истории США. Рекламная компания сигарет фирмы Мальборо. Чикагская школа рекламы.

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  • Понятие и направления корпоративного брендинга. Особенности создания фирменных наименований, продвижения, укрепления и капитализации корпоративных марок. Выбор целевых аудиторий Бренд-имидж корпорации. Распространенные ошибки в области его формирования.

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