The decision-making process of individuals in a competitive environment under risk and uncertainty

Value and probability weighting function. Tournament games as special settings for a competition between individuals. Model: competitive environment, application of prospect theory. Experiment: design, conducting. Analysis of experiment results.

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  • Selected aspects of stimulation of scientific thinking. Meta-skills. Methods of critical and creative thinking. Analysis of the decision-making methods without use of numerical values of probability (exemplificative of the investment projects).

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  • Investigation of the subjective approach in optimization of real business process. Software development of subject-oriented business process management systems, their modeling and perfection. Implementing subject approach, analysis of practical results.

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  • Searching for investor and interaction with him. Various problems in the project organization and their solutions: design, page-proof, programming, the choice of the performers. Features of the project and the results of its creation, monetization.

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  • Evaluation of urban public transport system in Indonesia, the possibility of its effective development. Analysis of influence factors by using the Ishikawa Cause and Effect diagram and also the use of Pareto analysis. Using business process reengineering.

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  • Critical literature review. Apparel industry overview: Porter’s Five Forces framework, PESTLE, competitors analysis, key success factors of the industry. Bershka’s business model. Integration-responsiveness framework. Critical evaluation of chosen issue.

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  • The concept and features of bankruptcy. Methods prevent bankruptcy of Russian small businesses. General characteristics of crisis management. Calculating the probability of bankruptcy discriminant function in the example of "Kirov Plant "Mayak".

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  • The essence, structure, оbjectives and functions of business plan. The process’s essence of the bank’s business plan realization. Sequential decision and early implementation stages of projects. Widely spread mistakes and ways for their improvement.

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  • Theoretical basis recruitment and selection methods: internal or external recruitment, job resume, job interview. Recruitment process design and development. Evaluation of methods of recruitment and selection on example of "Procter and Gamble".

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  • Характер і зміст планової діяльності на підприємстві. Суть і принципи прогнозування. Опис продуктів та послуг у бізнес-плані. Дослідження та аналіз ринку збуту. Методи оцінки конкуренції і конкурентної переваги. Бізнес-план дизайн-студії "Design Plazа".

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  • Формы отчетности с точки зрения портфельного подхода к анализу рисков компании. Преимущества использования показателя Value-at-Risk — инструмента активного управления рисками. Влияние хеджирования на компанию, стратегические результаты от его внедрения.

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