Procedure of preparation business-plan

Business plans are an important test of clarity of thinking and clarity of the business. Reasons for writing a business plan. Market trends and the market niche for product. Business concept, market analysis. Company organization, financial plan.

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  • Strategy and major stages of project’s fruition. Production of Korean cuisine dishes. Analysis of the industry sector, of produce’s market, of business rivals. Marketing plan, volume of sales, personnel and company management. Cost of the project.

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  • Executive summary. Progect objectives. Keys to success. Progect opportunity. The analysis. Market segmentation. Competitors and competitive advantages. Target market segment strategy. Market trends and growth. The proposition. The business model.

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  • Marketing of scientific and technical products and services in the field of information technology. Differences sales activity in B2B and B2C. The role of the procurement center and features of the procurement decision-making in the industrial market.

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  • Software as a Service, a form of cloud computing service model of software users. SaaS subscription model: key features, market drivers and constraints. Impact of SaaS subscription services business in the economy and society in Russia and abroad.

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  • History of Nokia, its role in the telecommunications market and impact on the international business. Exit closed companies to market. Foreign direct investment and business strategy. Mergers, acquisitions and co complex. Foreign Exchange impact on Nokia.

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  • The collection and analysis of information with a view of improving the business marketing activities. Qualitative & Quantitative Research. Interviews, Desk Research, Test Trial. Search Engines. Group interviews and focus groups, Secondary research.

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  • The internal and external communication systems of the Nestle company. Background of the company. SWOT analysis: strength, weaknesses, opportunities. Architecture of Intranet systems. Business use of intranet systems. Intranet tools and its benefits.

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  • Основные сведения об интернет-торговле в Интернете как в B2B-секторе (business-to-business), так и в B2C-секторе (business-to-customer), а также о построении системы интернет-торговли и принципах работы интернет-магазинов. Организация интернет-аукционов.

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  • Purpose of the Marketing Plan. Organization Mission Statement. The main strategies employed by BMW. Sales volume of automobiles. New records set for revenues and earnings. Current models of BMW. Product life cycle. Engagement in Celebrity Endorsement.

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  • Study of possible types of the special advertising and its value on the example of the use different firms in the different areas of management. Determination of features of the special advertising depending on geography of business and market structure.

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  • Общая характеристика процесса внедрения на рынок ресторанных услуг современной, гибкой, умной и инновационной системы автоматизации ресторана – Best Restaurant Business. Главные преимущества данной системы. Сущность и значение системы лояльности.

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  • The history of the company. Entering the market of pastas and the present position of the company. The problem of the company. The marketing research. The history of the market of pastas of Saint Petersburg and its present state.

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  • Plan of marketing. Absence of a large number of competitors. The emergence of new competitors. Active advertising policy. The absence of a known name in the market. Break even point. The price for advertising. Distribution channels and pricing policy.

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  • Research tastes and preferences of consumers. Segmenting the market. Development of product concept and determine its characteristic. Calculating the optimal price at which the firm will maximize profits. Formation of optimal goods distribution.

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  • Crisis in Russia and international tobacco enterprises. International tobacco companies in the Russian market. Рroper suggestions with the purpose to adapt them to the Russian tobacco market in the new circumstances to maintain the level of profit.

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  • The concept of brand capital. Total branded product name for the whole company. Nestle as the largest producer of food in the world. Characteristics of technical and economic indicators. Nestle company’s brands. SWOT-analysis and Nestle in Ukraine.

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  • Особенности сбыта на рынках В2В и В2С. Закупочный центр и его роль на рынке. Модель организационного покупательского поведения, сущность процесса закупки. Концепция уникального торгового предложения. Главные особенности формирования лояльности клиентов.

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  • Author create own Cinema "Grand Record" and according to the Golden Screen Cinema authors design a website with electronic commerce enabled functions. Discuss areas in which standards are emerging. Internet Security and Legal Concerns, financial Plan.

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  • Essence, structure and basic functions of informational logistics system. Principles and the levels of information logistic system. Resources project development. Business process of logistic operations. The tariff for the transportation of cargo.

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  • Обзор методов, средств и направлений маркетинговой деятельности предприятия. Изучение особенностей прогнозирования потребностей потенциальных покупателей. Анализ рынка и его сегментов. Главные действующие лица и силы в системе современного маркетинга.

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  • Types of Firms. Advantages of sole proprietorships. Disadvantages of sole proprietorships. Disadvantages of partnerships. Advantages of partnerships. Types of Stock. Advantages of Corporations. Disadvantages of Corporations. Forming a Corporation.

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  • The concept of advertising as a marketing tool to attract consumers and increase demand. Ways to achieve maximum effect of advertising in society. Technical aspect of the announcement: style, design, special effects and forms of distribution channels.

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  • Общая характеристика консалтингового агентства "Market Advice". История бренда компании, описание конкурентов. Маркетинговая оценка возможности выхода компании на российский рынок, последующей деятельности внутри него, а также потенциала развития бренда.

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  • Message strategies. A few words about creative strategy. Some final thoughts about the message strategy. Nowadays market economy is widespread all over the world. It is not creative unless it sells. Legal constraints Many laws govern advertising.

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  • История и причины для размещения product placement. Виды размещения product placement: визуальный; вербальный; кинестетический. Отношение читательской аудитории к размещению торговой марки в книгах. Плюсы и минусы российского книжного product placement.

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