Risk in an entrepreneurial activity

Entrepreneurial risk: the origins and essence. The classification of business risk. Economic characteristic of entrepreneurial risks an example of joint-stock company "Kazakhtelecom". The basic ways of the risks reduction. Methods for reducing the risks.

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  • Short and long run macroeconomic model. Saving and Investment in Italy, small open economy. Government expenditure and saving scatterplot. Loanable market equilibrium in closed economy in the USA. Okun’s Law in the USA and Italy, keynesian cross.

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  • Financial bubble - a phenomenon on the financial market, when the assessments of people exceed the fair price. The description of key figures of financial bubble. Methods of predicting the emergence of financial bubbles, their use in different situations.

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  • Assessment of the rate of unemployment in capitalist (the USA, Germany, England, France, Japan) and backward countries (Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan). Influence of corruption, merges of business and bureaucracy on progress of market economy.

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  • Concept and program of transitive economy, foreign experience of transition. Strategic reference points of long-term economic development. Direction of the transition to an innovative community-oriented type of development. Features of transitive economy.

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  • The levers of management of a national economy, regions and enterprises. The prices for the goods. Taxes to the proceeds from realization of commodity production. Proceeds from realization of services to the population, establishments and organizations.

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  • Теоретические аспекты и внутренний контроль сбытовой деятельности предприятия. Сущность и значение каналов товародвижения. Организационно-экономическая характеристика ТОО "Global Business-Глобал Бизнес", оценка и пути повышения его сбытовой деятельности.

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  • Chinese economy: history and problems. Problems of Economic Growth. The history of Chinese agriculture. The ratio of exports and imports of goods and service to gross domestic product at current prices. Inefficiencies in the agricultural market.

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  • The experiments related to alcohol and economic decision-making. First study attempting to test 3 sets of embedded hypotheses regarding how alcohol influences our choices. Conducting games, showing the effects of alcohol on the decision-making process.

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  • Economic entity, the conditions of formation and functioning of the labor market as a system of social relations, the hiring and use of workers in the field of social production. Study of employment and unemployment in the labor market in Ukraine.

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  • Определение Business Intelligence, возможности BI-систем; методы бизнес-анализа. Характеристика, миссия и цели организации коммерческого предприятия ООО Автосалон "Тойота Центр Петрозаводск", применение методов бизнес-аналитики к оценке его деятельности.

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