Standardization and Adaptation (Localization) of Advertising in Different Regions of the World – Russia

Overview of literature on standardization and adaptation of advertising: their main task, advantages and disadvantages. Trends in consumer behavior in Russia. Distribution media advertising budgets in the country, the laws and rules regarding promotion.

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  • Advertising is a kind of activity made in its result which purpose is realization of marketing problems of the industrial, service enterprises and public organizations by distribution of the information paid by them. Advertising on television, in a press.

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  • The concept of advertising as a marketing tool to attract consumers and increase demand. Ways to achieve maximum effect of advertising in society. Technical aspect of the announcement: style, design, special effects and forms of distribution channels.

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  • Message strategies. A few words about creative strategy. Some final thoughts about the message strategy. Nowadays market economy is widespread all over the world. It is not creative unless it sells. Legal constraints Many laws govern advertising.

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  • Study of possible types of the special advertising and its value on the example of the use different firms in the different areas of management. Determination of features of the special advertising depending on geography of business and market structure.

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  • A detailed analysis of lexical-semantic features of advertising in the World Wide Web. Description of verbal and nonverbal methods used in online advertising. Bringing a sample website hosted on its various banners and advertisements to consumers.

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  • Plan of marketing. Absence of a large number of competitors. The emergence of new competitors. Active advertising policy. The absence of a known name in the market. Break even point. The price for advertising. Distribution channels and pricing policy.

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  • Theoretical aspects of efficiency of development of advertising activity and your place in marketing system, development and its value for manufacturers and consumers. Research of the advertising campaign of the new goods in open company "Nataly".

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  • Рынок special events в России. Спонсорская поддержка "Кубок 12 коллегий - 2012" в СПбГУ как средство PR. Разработка полиграфического материала. Рекомендации по информационному наполнению официального сайта event-агентства "ID Group Advertising".

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  • Аdvеrtіsіng cаn bе cоntrоllеd, іdеntіfіаblе pеrsuаsіоn utіlіzіng mеаns оf mаss cоmmunіcаtіоns. Thе purpоsеs оf аdvеrtіsеmеnts аrе: tо аttrаct аttеntіоn; tо еnlіst thе vіеwеrs іntеrеst; tо shоw а mеаns оf sаtіsfyіng а wаnt thrоugh purchаsе оf thе prоduct.

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  • The main objectives promotion as the process. Overview and the Unique Aspects of Financial Services Industry. Financial Services, Customer Trust and Loyalty, Relationship Building. Aims of the DRIP elements as a "communication flow" model of promotion.

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