Domestic tourism in Russia

The value of domestic tourism for the Russian economy: an increase in jobs in hotels, restaurants, food industry and transport. Stages of development of domestic tourism in post-revolutionary and Soviet periods. Treatment, athletic and business tourism.

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  • Sport in my life. Sports in Russia. Sports in Great Britain. The Olympic Games. Sports and Healthy Way of Life. Sport is not only for champions. All over the world people of different ages are very fond of sports and games.

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  • Теоретические подходы к анализу перспективных направлений развития отечественной туриндустрии. Смысловое наполнение понятия "профессионально-деловой туризм". Характеристика международных Business Travel ассоциаций. Типология современного делового туризма.

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  • Historical background, names of national sports, borrowed games. Problems and prospects of American sport. Professional sport. The business of sport. Olympic Games and the names of American heroes. Leisure sports. Sports at colleges. Unusual sports.

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  • History of sports betting. The "cash out" option in sports betting. The main determinants of the betting process. To test the hypothesis that the risk-aversion as the factor that makes individuals accept the amount to "cash out" proposed by a bookmaker.

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