Stages of reforming of accounting system in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Determination of the main reasons for and methods of formal harmonization of financial statements. Characteristic analysis of financial reporting standards adopted in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Investigation stages accounting reform in the country.

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  • Principles of financial statements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and characteristics of their types: income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Stages of a preparatory work on reporting. Governing bodies and control, labor staff in agency.

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  • Acquaintance with russian principles of accounting which don't allow discounting. Research and characterization of the essence and content of international financial reporting standards that establish a distinction between income and revenue concepts.

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  • Analysis of scientific knowledge from the positivist standpoint. The role of the conceptual basis in the choice of accounting. Differences in the procedure for adjustments in US GAAP and IFRS. The role of financial reporting in the choice of accounting.

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  • Rationale research harmonization of accounting data accounting and fiscal nature for the purpose of monitoring, analysis, control and optimization of taxation. The determination of the place of tax accounting in the unified tax and accounting system.

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  • The differences between financial accounting and management accounting. Discussing the positive and negative aspects for each type of account. The importance of doing competent accounting information for making effective financial management decisions.

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  • The history of Soviet Accounting, in Turkey. Main Stages of Turkish Accounting Development, since establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Practical aspects of the transition to IFRS. The main differences in accounting between RAS and IFRS.

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  • Problems of business in the context of globalization, ways of preserving competitive advantages. Development of an integrated approach to the construction of managerial and financial accounting at national enterprises, a description of its main stages.

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  • The characteristics of the most important methods of estimation in the financial statements. Analysis of the views of different authors on the types of measurements and their classification. The concept of initial (historical), current (replacement) cost.

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  • Characteristics of changes in the legislation of Poland in the field of accounting for the twenty years. Conditions for conducting business activities at enterprises. Analysis of changes in conduct of financial transactions in international regulations.

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  • Analysis of accounting in the hospitality sector in India by four parameters: discretionary accruals, the results of the manipulation, the quality of earnings. The perception of shareholders financial results of the company in their own interests.

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