French borrowings in the modern English language

English as the world's most popular. Borrowing vocabulary on the basis of economic, political and cultural ties. French loans in modern English language. Compare dominance common dialects of a certain epoch. Analysis of French-English bilingualism.

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  • The word formation linguistic disciplines and subject of it research. The concept of derivation and its main issues. General characteristics of word formation. The morphemic structure of English Language. Compound words in Modern English Language.

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  • Germanic languages, their classification and main features. Main changes in the development of the English vocalic System. Changes of stressed vowels in Early Old English. Borrowings from other languages in the evolution of the English vocabulary.

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  • Studying the views of researchers on the national-cultural specifics of the English language in New Zealand in a different period of its formation. Dialects and accents of native speakers of English from most of England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia.

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  • General peculiarities of idioms. The classification of idioms. The role of idioms in English language learning. Characteristics of idioms with number. Usage of idioms with number in modern English. Frequency of occurrence of numbers in English idioms.

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  • The actual problems of modern English language of the ХХІ-st century. Separating the most striking external factors which had an influence on lexical changes in the English language. Factors that affected English and its enrichment of new lexical units.

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  • Affixation in the English language; degree of derivation; homonymic derivational affixes. Some problems of prefixation. Productive and non-productive word building prefixes Some prefixes in the English language in comparison with the Uzbek language.

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  • The history of English - the most widely spoken language of world’s. Рossible implications of this fact and overview the current debates and concerns about the role of English and the state of other world languages under conditions of globalization.

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  • The analysis of the four dialect areas of England in the old English period. The history of their using in different territories. The letters of the old English language, which ceased to be used, the characteristic of long vowels and long consonants.

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  • The definition of concept and term "neologism". Methods of forming and Translation neologisms. Ethnic and cultural specificity of learning a new vocabulary of the English language. Translating difficulties of neologisms in the modern vocabulary.

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  • Overview of the field of research of territorial varieties of English. The notion of literary forms dialects. Essay on the history of lexicography. Typology and range of public information applied in the preparation of American English dictionaries.

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