Comparative analysis of British and American somatic phraseologisms

Identification of national-cultural specifics in the semantics of phraseological units belonging to the British and American versions of the English language. Types of intervariate semantic relations. Factors reflecting national cultural information.

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  • English language in England: dialects, regional, glottal stop. Pronunciation Varieties of British English. The Northern Regional and the Scottish Type of English Pronunciation. Peculiarities of American and British English and their differences.

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  • Problems and fundamental differences of pronunciation between American and British English. Using the present perfect, and ownership and choice of vocabulary in english language varieties. Using spectroscopy to measure various parts of the audio signal.

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  • A semantic study of monetary idioms expressed by a nominal phrase with a lexeme as a headword in professional and non-professional types of discourse. Dynamic semantics of money lexemes in the global and national versions of the English language.

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  • The national, linguocultural peculiarities of the speech etiquette units in the English and Russian languages. The role of the speech etiquette units in overcoming the problem of communicative and cultural competence. The differences of speech behavior.

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  • Russian collectivism and communality, patriotism. Attitude to the rules and law. Human relations in Russia. Religion of this countri. The attitude to money and wealth. Social relations in Russian society. Public behavior. American National Character.

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  • Contrastive typology of the English and Ukrainian phraseology. Phraseological units and free word-groups, their distinguishing features. Classification of phraseological units and their structural types. The national peculiarity of phraseological units.

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  • Phraseological units as the means of expression in which the so-called inner form of language and the richness of figurative language resources are manifested with a particular visibility. Description of the existing classifications of phraseologisms.

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  • Research of antonymic and synonymic similarities and differences of phraseological units in the Azerbaijani and English languages. Analysis of changes in the composition of the vocabulary of speech of nations, expansion and splitting of the semantic core.

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  • The study of historical dynamics and linguistic change in the making of the modern English language. Comparative analysis of national versions of the vocabulary. The study of the classification of related languages. Features of regional dialects.

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  • The definition of an idiom. The structure of idioms. Classification of phraseological idioms. Linguistic peculiarities of British English and American English languages. Stylistic and idiomatic peculiarities. The scheme of analysis of idiom in songs.

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