How WWII is portrayed in School history books in Almaty

Value the of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany and militarist Japan during World War II for the world civilization. Feat of the people as an example of courage, the savior of the world from the brown plague. The spread of socialism around the world.

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  • The United States foreign policy interests' scope. World War I. The idea of turning the United States into a world power. Increasing exports to European countries and raising the local production rates. Wilson's attempts to reconcile the parties.

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  • The reasons for the Great Britain entry into the Second World War, the joint struggle against fascism. Making allies of humanitarian and military supplies to the Soviet Union on the lend-lease. Shipping history convoy PQ 17 and its tragic consequences.

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  • Analysis of major trends in world development in the second half of the 80's - early 90-ies, in the context of studying global problemh humanity and their possible solutions in the double pole of the world. Socio-economic situation in the Soviet Union.

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  • Тhе authors of the ancient treatise "On the seven wonders of the world". The Greek historian Herodotus was the first to write a list of the seven "wonders". Misconception about the authorship of Philo of Byzantium. The new seven wonders of the world.

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  • The great work of subjugation and conquest. The welfare of the world capitalist system. Systems of illegitimate authority in every corner of the social, political, economic and cultural worlds. Different World orders old and new in Latin America.

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  • New York City History and description of its main regions: Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Richmond. New York City is a centre of world trade and finance, communications, art and entertainment. One of the world's foremost tourist destinations.

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  • Political influence of the USA after World War II. Foreign policy programme of the U.S.A government, Truman's doctrine and her tasks. The aid program to Europe after World War II, the plan of Marshall, its participants and the practical purposes.

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  • Revolutionary situation in America in eve civil war. Publication of battle reports and personality types of political figures. Attack and death of general George Armstrong Kaster. Dragonnade to Mexico. Participating of the USA is in Second world war.

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  • The participation of Soviet Muslims in the military conflicts (on the example of World War II and the war in Afghanistan). The interaction of religious leaders and authorities, the history of the creation of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims.

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  • The role of nationalism, imperialism, militarism, alliances at the beginning of the First World War. Problems between Britain and France, Britain and Russia, Austro-Hungary and Italy. Collaboration between Germany and France. Formed the Triple Alliance.

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