Use of scintillating fibers for dosimetry

The types of dosimeters: silicon-diode detectors, diamond detectors, liquid ion chambers and radiographic films. The spatial resolution as a key feature for next-generation dosimeters. Results using one layer of DOSIORT. Isodose curves in the test.

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  • The concept and functional characteristics of diamond-like films of amorphous carbon with a high concentration of carbon with SP3. The peculiarities of their practical use. Diagram of the coating, its physical and chemical properties, the benefits.

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  • Determining the effect of coating thickness on Hardness which is used on the protective layer when polyester coating is applied on the aluminum coil. Determining the scratch hardness using Hardness pencils test according to Wolff-Willborn "ASTM D3363".

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  • Thermosetting plastics, their irreversible chemical reaction (polymerization), including the effects of temperature and time. Bringing the resin composition to a liquid state, forcing the liquid to flow into the cavity of the desired configuration.

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  • Investigation of the surface layer structure at high resolution. Study of surface morphology of treated detail. The use of electric-surface alloying components operating under conditions of friction and abrasionerosion wear and their restoration.

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  • The conductive nanocomposite films on the basis of reactionary copolymers received. The threshold of their percolation is determined. It was shown that its value depends on the size of specific surface of nanotubes and conditions of composite obtaining.

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  • А technology for manufacturing composite materials - flocculants-coagulants on aluminum-silicon and iron-silicon base. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the developed flocculants-coagulants for cleaning of natural water and industrial wastewater.

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  • The technology of polystyrene plastics. The application methods for industrial liquid coatings and finishes. The spraying, brushing, printing, and silk screening. The application methods for powder coatings and finishes. The electrostatic spray outfits.

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  • Using transmission electron microscopy methods the layer by layer analysis of the bulk hardened superior quality rails is carried out, phase state and defect substructure gradients are established. Character of changing of structure-phase states.

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  • Test the tribological properties of lubricants as the main stage of assessing their suitability for use in friction. The scheme of the "cone - three ball" with the use of objects of simple geometric shapes to test different construction materials.

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  • A new concept of Artificial Neural Networks in estimating speed and controlling a separately excited DC motor. A three-layer feed forward neural network with sigmoid activation functions in the input and hidden layers and purelin in the output layer.

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