John Galsworthy: life and work

John Galsworthy – an English novelist and playwright, Nobel prize laureate in Literature "for his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in The Forsyte Saga". The study of biographies, description of the main works of the writer.

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  • The first American literature was the work mainly of immigrants from England in the form of poetry, essays, or fiction, mixture of travel accounts and religious writings. Description creativity of famous writers and their works. Short excerpts from them.

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  • The study of the main psycholinguistic aspects of narrative discourse on the example of English literature. Analysis of the context of "focusing" from the point of view of psycholinguistics. Study of the work "night guards" Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

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  • The notion of terminology and terms in modern English language. Characteristic features of professional law terminology. Systematization of law terms in the works by J. Grisham according to Semantic Classes. Classification of Law Terms in the Works.

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  • Brief biography living of the famous English science fiction writer 20th century Herbert George Wells . The main topics concerned with his work as a journalist. Recognition of his work after his death. Analysis of his most famous work "The Invisible Man".

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  • Sabit Mukanov as the poet, novelist, playwright, literary critic and academician of the Kazakh SSR. His collection of poems and novels. "Botagoz" and "Syr-Darya" as famous Mukanov’s works. Membership in the Presidium of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan.

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  • Charles Dickens as famous English novelist of the Victorian period. Interest of English public to the press. Appearance of the first chapters of the "Posthumous messages of club". Comparison of Characters to Inanimate Objects. Basic works of Dickens.

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  • Excerpts from the play "Dangerous Corner" of contemporary dramatist John Boynton Priestley. Exercising to the text. Translate Russian and English sentences, the use of word combinations and indirect speech. Answers to questions. Work with vocabulary.

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  • The episode is presented through the perception of the character. This type of presenting a picture of life as if perceived by a character creates the effect of immediate presence. This is due to making an abundant use of various stylistic devices.

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  • Biographical information on life, creativity, and diplomatic activities of Chingiz Aitmanova - Soviet and Kyrgyz writer. Work in the embassies of the European Union, NATO, UNESCO and the Benelux countries. Consideration of the most famous works Aitmanova.

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  • The study of narrative discourse on the example of English literature. Psycholinguistic aspects of this discourse on the example of graphic novels. Analysis of materials presented in the form of comics. Psycholinguistic aspects of narrative discourse.

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