Utopia: journey through time and space towards real Noland

Consideration of the main stages of development of utopia as a philosophical idea, expressed in literary works. Research and characterization of specific features of a retrospective, prospective utopia and utopia that exists in an indefinite time.

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  • The philosophical framework of Spengler's argument is a Romantic one, derived ultimately from adaptation of Kant. The time in which this reality exists is a quite different time from the mechanical time of science, which is really a dimension of space.

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  • In Anarchy, State and Utopia Nozick approaches political philosophy within a framework which at first sight seems both familiar and congenial to contemporary liberal thought. There are different concerns which lead people to call for greater equality.

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  • The different interpretations of dystopias is suggested by the author. The synonyms and related terms are considered, the characteristics of dystopia are emphasized, the definitions according to philosophic and political sciences’ approaches are provided.

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  • The presence of sober economic calculation, appeal to the heavenly ideal - the main features of the philosophical views of puritans. Socio-cultural background of the idea of religious-Messianic god-chosen protestant congregations of the New England.

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  • A hostile analysis by Wyndham Lewis of what he called the time-cult - the network of similarities and influences dominating his culture. In his book "The revolutionary Simpleton" he finds in modern art the concrete evidence of a time-obsessed Zeitgeist.

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  • Consideration of philosophical and psychological characteristics of life strategies as a component of building living space personality. The contradictions that arise when preparing future professionals to design and implement strategies to life.

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  • Acquaintance with philosophical aspects of informatization of society. Consider the differences between the information capabilities of the Internet and the conventional media. Features of the development of social networks on the territory of Ukraine.

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  • Philosophical reflections of prominent musical critic Theodor W. Adorno, describing becoming of music of the newest time, musics of XX age, saying a ponderable word about the ways of its development, its recoveries of sight and justified in face of epoch.

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  • Research of the development of artificial intelligence and cognitive robotics. The elucidation of the nature of the carriers of consciousness, their relations with the environment. The problems of creating artificial consciousness inside the machine.

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  • Overview of the concepts of social justice. Nature, essence, content of social justice, a specific historical and cultural manifestation. Correlation of socio-philosophical doctrines. Interrelation of social reality with the development of society.

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