A testing for financial sustainability of the Russian State pension system in a long term

Objectives of the pension system. Individual objectives. Public policy objectives. Pillars of the pension system. Defined benefit, defined contribution, notional defined contribution. non-actuarial fairness. Market failure. Impact of the pension system.

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  • Determination of the features of effective investment policy, which can create conditions for overcoming the current crisis through attracting foreign capital. Analysis of methods for attracting foreign investment and financial control over their use.

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  • The research intends to utilize a method to provide empirically the impact of financial crises in Lithuania, Austria and Kazakhstan, using dummy variable, non-Linear exponential model, Generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity model.

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  • The nature of taxes and the analysis of transaction costs associated with the interaction of business and government in the tax area. The connection between payment of taxes and economic indicators. The developing a congruent and efficient tax system.

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  • Analysis of a fixed agricultural tax as the basis of the system of agricultural taxation in Ukraine. Characteristics methods of its accrual. Dynamics of the ratio of incomes and the level of tax efficiency of land tax and fixed agricultural tax.

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  • Analyze the main financial indicators and financial architecture of the selected companies of the study. Based on a analysis of the companies, determine the current capital structure and find out country differences of Uzbek and Russian companies.

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  • Monetary policy as a policy of the state influencing the quantity of money in circulation with the aim of ensuring price stability, full employment and growth of real production. Problem of increase of efficiency and competitiveness of national economy.

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  • Ukranian experience in conducting a tax audit: legal basis. Problems related to tax audit of foreign countries. Tax interaction between taxpayers, tax authorities and business entities when conducting a tax audit. Implementation of the e-audit system.

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  • Аналіз впровадження ERP-системи для управління фінансовими ресурсами на підприємстві. Проблеми розробки методики управління та проектування інформаційної системи. Задачі, які постають перед впровадженням ERP-системи як напряму інноваційного розвитку.

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  • Financial statements of the company in the market economy conditions is the main source of information about the assets, capital, profits and cash flows. Introduction of accounting at the enterprise. Assessment of the financial position of the company.

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  • Features of the development of Kazakhstan's economy in recent years. Monetary policy at the macro level action-oriented activities of the National Bank. Strategic policy directions for the medium term predictability of policies of the National Bank.

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