Dielectric relaxation in Sr(Co1/3Nb2/3)O3 compound – a candidate for microwave applications

Synthesis ferroelectric compounds Sr(B1/3Nb2/3)O3 by solid state reaction technique. Consideration of the correlation between the dielectric response and transport behavior. Emprovement dielectric material properties. Motion energy storage devices.

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  • Reviews on "Heterocyclic Compounds" on aspects such as synthesis, reactionmechanisms, structure complexity, properties, reactivity, stability, fundamental and theoretical studies, biology, biomedical, pharmacology, applications in material sciences.

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  • Consideration of the results of x-ray diffraction of the considered chemical compounds. Structural properties of the films of magnesium oxide. Substantiation of optimum parameters of temperature of synthesis of organic and many inorganic compounds.

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  • Applications heterocyclic compounds; approaches to synthesis. Familiarization with effective conversion of organic compounds into valuable fluorinated products. The use of fluorinated triazoles for the protection of metals and alloys from corrosion.

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  • Advances in heterocyclic chemistry. Molecular cascade and the formation of heterocyclic compounds and their impact on cost and waste reduction in the use of natural resources for production, the impact on the environment, energy and resource conservation.

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  • Coordination behavior of Ag (I) with cations of N-allyl quinolinium. Synthesis of N-allyl quinolinium bromide. Determination of the structure of the x-ray crystal. Bromine ions of the second crystallographic type. Study silver nitrate compounds.

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  • The applications of leuco-dyes, of spiro compounds and tetrazolium salts. The transformation of the molecules in thermal and photo-imaging systems. Leuco compounds which are not formed by reduction of the parent dye. The chemistry of the phthalides.

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  • The method of synthesis of fluorinated heterocycles. The use of mono- and 1,3-dicarbonyl substrates and their nitrogen-containing analogues. Biological activity, physical and chemical properties of heterocyclic compounds with perfluoroalkyl groups.

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  • New facile method for the controllable synthesis of high quality single-phase nanowires with from nanowires templates. Detailed characterization of the superconducting and transport properties of nanowires. Synthesis of porous nanowires and nanotubes.

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  • Study of ternary intermetallic compounds RxMyXz (R = rareearth Element, M = d-metal, X = p-metal). Results of identification of the new R-Au-Al compound. The starting materials for the synthesis of R-Au-Ga. Function of the profile form of pseudo-Voigt.

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  • Synthesation, physicochemical properties of nanopowders LaPO4-LuPO4-H2O and LaPO4-YPO4-H2O. Investigation of thermal behavior orthophosphate nanosized solid solutions. Discussion results of the experiment, solubility and melting temperatures of systems.

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