Investment policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Classification of investments and their structure. Development and implementation of investment policy aimed at ensuring high economic growth and raising economic efficiency. Problems and perspectives of the development of investment funds in Kazakhstan.

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  • Stable, focused and forward-looking government policy. Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis for Kazakhstan. Boosted Industrial-Innovative Development Program 2010-2014. State support of investment. Special economic zones operating in Kazakhstan.

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  • Getting an idea about the investment environment and analyzing the factors affecting it. Comprehensive study of the role of foreign direct investment in ensuring long-term economic growth of the country. A systematic approach to finding sources of growth.

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  • Concept of growth of investment resources on the basis of model of financial mechanism of growth of investments. Increasing the solvency of the population and promoting the expansion of production, solving the economic and social problems of the present.

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  • Generalized of the main trends of investment support for innovative activities in Ukraine. Identified of the major problems of implementing an innovative model of economic development. Analyzed of dynamics of the investment attractiveness index.

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  • Analysis of character transformations in the investment sector in the integration of local and national economic systems in the system of innovation international cluster. Numeric parameters changes in the structure of the investment environment.

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  • The principles of formation, classification, evaluation of risks accompanying investment activity. The stages а decision-making in the given economic category. The mechanisms for determining the potential value of financial losses from investments.

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  • Development of recommendations regarding the commissioning of fixed assets of mining and processing enterprises in the implementation of investment projects based on the use of bank loans as a source of funding. Analysis of development of mining.

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  • Comparative analysis of industrial sectors of industry in Russia and Kazakhstan. Calculation of the growth of the extractive and manufacturing industries, rate of average annual growth. Analysis of the dynamics of investment by analytical equalization.

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  • The role of the investment climate and large-scale support of investment activities by the state in economic development. Characteristics of the investment climate in Russia after the sanctions. Assessment of the attractiveness of Russia for investors.

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  • The optimum loading of capacities of higher educational institutions of the regions on the criterion of minimizing the capital investment. Economic policy in the sphere of higher education. A system of measures that improve social services for students.

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