Economic fundamentals of stock market regulation in foreign countries

European and American features of the stock market regulation. The advantages and disadvantages of placing shares of domestic companies on the stock markets of the world. Rules and conditions of work of foreign exchanges, their comparison with Ukrainian.

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  • Identifying the reasons for the rapid development of the Russian stock market, including: low market liquidity, undeveloped infrastructure and low confidence of market participants. Description of prospective options for improving market regulation.

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  • How investors make decisions in conditions of risk in the stock markets. Whether the participants in the stock market act rationally. Theory of rational choice and theory of prospects. The behavior of private and professional players in the market.

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  • The establishment of financial associations for the assisting, regulating and controlling of buying in the securities. Broker and jobber in the market. Definition of stock exchange. Forecasting price changes of securities. The role of stock market.

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  • Evaluation of the practical experience of the initial public offering of shares on the example of the Bank of Astana, which can be a pilot project for expanding the practice of equity financial instruments on the national stock market of Kazakhstan.

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  • The advantages and disadvantages of issuing preferred and ordinary shares on the exchange, along with various circumstances in which the most suitable source of funding. A description of the basic rights to shares and the role of an investment banker.

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  • Analysis of the problems of developing adequate trading strategy based on predicting the future values of stocks and indices, using linear and nonlinear models ARIMA, ANN. Assessing the impact of the merger on the method of projections for both indices.

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  • Determination of factors the discount can be attributed to developed and developing countries. The method for calculating the target P / E multiplier for developed and developing countries for the period 2006-2016. The values of this indicator for the RF.

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  • Ways to improve stock volatility prediction with prediction of size and density of price jumps for some stocks. Finding of several models those predicted jumps better than historical mean. The best parameter for jump quantity prediction is term spread.

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  • State regulation of bank liquidity in Ukraine. Improving financial sector sustainability. Attracting foreign investment in the country. Development of a deposit insurance program. Regulation of capital movements. Reducing the risk of cash transactions.

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  • Features of the functioning of the world economy in modern conditions. World financial crisis. The problematic aspects of the development of the economies of countries and the interrelations between them. Reforming the world financial architecture.

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