Characteristics of Indian philosophy

Indian philosophy as one of the foremost eastern traditions of abstract research. Carrying out intellectual debates and arguments between different views. Maintaining India's connection with Western civilization. The influence of religion on society.

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  • Avicenna (Ibn Sina) as a medieval Persian scientist, philosopher and physician, a representative of the Eastern Aristotelian. The spread of influence in medieval Europe through the translation of works. Mysticism, Eastern philosophy and epistemology.

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  • Characteristics of cognitive development of children from poor areas of India. Conducting research on street games of these kids. Analysis of the thinking patterns of working Indian children 10-14 years old. Specificity of their mathematical knowledge.

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  • The influence of Muslim and Jewish thinkers on the sciences and philosophy of Latin West. The physic theories of the beginning of the universe, relationship between God and the created order of things. The role of Greek science in Islamic culture.

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  • Native Americans in the United States. The European colonization of the USA. Federally recognized tribal governments in the United States. Cultural aspects and certain elements. Society, religion and gender roles. Terminology differences of some Indians.

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  • Learning of practice and traditions of cooking in the United Kingdom. Analysis of the influence of the cuisine of Indian culinary tradition in the UK. Features description of British kitchen stigma – a hearty breakfast and traditional Christmas lunch.

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  • Brief biography of E. Sapir. Analysis of the scientist's contribution to the development of linguistics. Study of classification of American Indian languages by E. Sapir. Characteristic of criteria of establishing the structural types of languages.

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  • Investigation of the criterion of knowledge through the optics of speculative philosophy of G. Hegel. Analyzes the relation of experience to itself as an object. The main characteristic of the consideration of consciousness and human self-consciousness.

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  • Рассмотрение двухкомпонентной номинативной единицы "Indian Summer", обозначающей период теплой погоды осенью. Характеристика словарных дефиниций исследуемой номинативной единицы. Ее возможные теории происхождения. Определение механизмов ее мотивации.

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  • American literature begins with the orally transmitted myths, legends, tales, and lyrics (songs) of Indian cultures. There was no written literature among the more than 500 different Indian languages and tribal cultures that existed in North America.

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  • The significance of protestant ethics in the formation of a capitalist society. Value of ethical guides for religion and society development. Influence of the reformation on elements of the culture of capitalism. Understanding M. Weber's protestantism.

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