Biography of Agatha Christie

Familiarization with children's and youth years of the life of Agatha Christie. Creative achievements author: crime novels, novels, detective stories. Awards: the first recipient of the Mystery Writers of America's highest honor, the Grand Master Award.

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  • Agatha Christie as best known detective story writer. Writer's birth and learning at home, her library in Britain. Agatha's first novel and famous sleuth Miss Marple. Unhappy life of Agatha and marriage of Max Mallowan. Writer's literary heritage.

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  • The study of the biography of the English author fiction novels, comic works - Pratchett. Consideration of British science fiction awards. Assessment of conditions for the development of writing skills. The study of the signs of the style of the author.

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  • Biographical information about the life of Siegfried Lenz, his way into literature. The formation of his creative style. Journalism Lentz, an overview of the periods of his work. Subjects of stories and novels, the formation of their own direction.

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  • Branch of comparative literature as literary imagology addresses the problems of national representations in literature. Consideration novels of the celebrated American-Russian writer Nabokov from the perspective of imago and literary image of America.

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  • Sketch of the life and work of American poet Hans URS Longfellow. The review of the first collections of poems of the author. Overview of family life and publication of the first Longfellow stamp in Portland. The list of novels and poetry Longfello.

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  • Studying the life and the career of the famous English writer Bernard Show. Description of his public and social activities, work as critic of the art, religious convictions and scientific views. Analyzing his well-known novels, short stories and plays.

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  • Fictional stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes, which are generally considered milestones in the field of crime fiction. Films with the participation of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. History of the phrase "Elementary, my dear Watson".

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  • Information about American and English literature in the beginning of XX century. The most influential authors: their biography, literary achievements. Popular books which were developed in that century. The peculiarities of Kyrgyz and American novels.

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  • Seriality as the specific feature of mass culture, which is manifested in different aspects of human life. Detective, which has a tendency to multi-series, repeatability and variability - one of the central artistic genres in the modern literature.

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  • Daniel Defoe is the father of the modern periodical. The most interesting of Defoe's "documentary" works. Style of Jane Austen. Jonathan Swift is the greatest prose-writer and a very great literary artist. Features of novels of many English writers.

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