History of Scotland

The main stages of the history of Scotland, the establishment in the territory of statehood and the first nations. Activities prominent public and political figures of the country, its current social situation and evaluation of further prospects.

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  • The role of the colonization of English in the political union of the country into the confederation and the legislative plan of the supreme representative body on the basis of the laws adopted by the British Parliament. His powers and activities.

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  • The birth of Elizabeth Tudor as one of the most exciting political developments in European history of the 16th century. Her way to power. The situation in country before and after the her reign. Presentation of the Queen of the prosperous country.

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  • The Stewart is the ruling dynasty of Scotland from 1371 to 1714 and England from 1603 to 1714. Life history of monarchs of England, Scotland and Ireland. A fundamental change in English economy and society, religious conflicts during board Stewarts.

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  • The age of the reign of the Tudor dynasty like one of the best period of English history. Characteristics of the main social relations and the lives of British people in the XVI-th century. Analysis of the relationships between peasants and nobles.

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  • Revolutionary situation in America in eve civil war. Publication of battle reports and personality types of political figures. Attack and death of general George Armstrong Kaster. Dragonnade to Mexico. Participating of the USA is in Second world war.

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  • Thomas Becket - one of the key figures in English history XII century, Chancellor of Henry II. The activities of Archbishop of Canterbury thousand 1162 in 1170. Worship in the saints. The murder of the archbishop at the altar in his own cathedral.

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  • The history of the origin and modern significance of Thanksgiving in American history. Periodization the key stages of the study of the pilgrims in America. Symbolic meaning and traditions of the celebration of the landing of first settlers in USA.

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  • The family of James. Rule in Scotland. Marriage. Highlands and islands. Accession in Englang. Early reign in England. The cooperation between monarch and Parliament. Spanish match. King and church. Favourites. The last years of the life of the monarch.

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  • Accounts of evolutionary past have as much in common with works of narrative history as they do with of science. These problem include selective attention, narrative perspective, foregrounding, differential resolution, and the establishment of canon.

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  • The national flag of Ireland. Green as a symbol of the Irish. Geography and Ireland's climate. Revolution and steps to independence. The civil war in the history country. 1937 Constitution. National scandals. Recent history. Languages spoken in Ireland.

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