Handbook of Psychotherapy Integration

A history of psychotherapy integration. The future as an integrating force through the schools of psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapies for specific disorders. Integrating therapeutic modalities. Future directons in psychotherapy integration.

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  • Consideration of the particularities of the value-context barriers of the technical students in the process of the humanities studying. Humanitarian training of future engineers of technical high school as well as students of other technical professions.

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  • Development of the criteria for the formation of a communicative competence of the socionic professions that are of another language as an important component of professional activity. Formation of a communicative culture in a foreign language course.

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  • Motivation as a basis for training specialists in the aviation industry. Analysis of groups of motives and the importance of forming cognitive and professional motives. Recommendations for teachers in developing the motivation of first-year students.

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  • Search for common evolutionary principles of physical development and psychogenesis among children of early and preschool age, having various disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Correctional physical education of children with cerebral palsy.

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  • Unresolved parts of the general problem. Content of "Risk acceptance as factor of vitality", "Future orientation (time prospect)" factors. Ideas about context of life prospects (vitality, involvement, control, risk acceptance) and life-time orientation.

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  • The concept of extremism in connection with the concept of meaning in the case of trauma, stress, loss, transient research. Integrative description, classification and systematization. Extreme, manifested in metapseichological and ontological horizons.

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  • Puberty and Psychological Development. Socialization and Self-Development. Moral Cognitions and Prosocial answers in Adolescence. Processes of Risk and Resilience. Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Influences. The Legal Regulation of behavior.

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  • The influence of isotherapy on the emotional well-being, mental health of the elderly. The imaging technique, "active imagination". Mechanisms of psychological art influence. The multifunctional isotherapy capabilities. Wellness aspects of works of art.

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  • Determination of essence of culture and cultural shock. Senses of man, changing the place of the stay, possible disorders and fears. Studies of language and traditions, help and support of monogynopaedium and friends, and also exchange by experience.

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  • Causes loss of memory and mental capacity of the person. Review of studies on the relationship between Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disorders. Psychological regularities of development of cognitive engagement. Risk factors of brain diseases.

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