Handbook of Psychotherapy Integration

A history of psychotherapy integration. The future as an integrating force through the schools of psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapies for specific disorders. Integrating therapeutic modalities. Future directons in psychotherapy integration.

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  • The theories of the computation of information. The conclusion about mental states and events with variations in the environment even as an individual's physical (functional, phenomenological) history, specified non-intentionally and indidualistically.

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  • Consideration of developing and gaming complex, which was built for implementation in the educational process of primary school-manipulyatyviv games. Enhancing modal-specific resources, motivational cognitive process by bringing in memory of the child.

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  • Design and application of psychological theories and empirical data towards understanding, predicting and countering behaviors either in friendly or enemy forces or civilian population. History and intelligence testing in the United States military.

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  • History of the scientific approach to the study of consciousness. Origins and extent of consciousness. Normal and abnormal states of consciousness. Сonsideration contemporary theories of consciousness. Major topics in the philosophy of consciousness.

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  • Analysis of the features of teaching ESP (English for specific purposes) and problems of teaching legal English at universities in Ukraine. Development of recommendations on how to cope with existing problems when teaching legal English in university.

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  • The study of emotions as higher mental functions born in a variety of socio-cultural contexts. The main advantages of the lesson video recording with subsequent viewing and discussion. The meaning and use of oral interview on the topic of life history.

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  • History of Personality Traits. Personality Traits and States. Cattell's Theory of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence. Arousability Theory and the Biological Basis of Personality and Intelligence. Agreeableness, Modesty, and Test-Taking Attitudes.

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  • Features of development of school psychological service in the XX-the beginning of the XXI century. The role of Pedology in creating the methodological framework of the school of psycho-diagnostics. Development of school psychological service in Ukraine.

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