Improving products’ quality management system at the enterprises of baking industry

Realization of organizational and economic bases of production and investment and innovation processes at the enterprise is a factor on which the quality of the final product depends. The specific characteristics of the quality management system.

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  • The characteristic of kefir are reflected. The technological scheme of production of kefir is provided, the information on a nomenclature of indicators of quality. An algorithm of action for improvement of a quality management system on company.

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  • The concept of quality. Foundations and systems of quality management. Training for improving service quality at Honda. The plant of Lexus in Cambridge. Human resource development management, tools of process management. Methods in quality assurance.

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  • Study of the role of product quality in the modern world, improvement of technology and changes in consumer demand. Creating a product in which it is influenced by the quality of the subjects of management. Model of full quality control A. Feigenbaum.

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  • According to modern ideas in ensuring the quality of the final product, quality management actually acts through-aspect of business management, along with cost, time and more. Understanding money is in the subjective evaluations of each stakeholder.

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  • The article describes the guidelines of the updated version of the National Guideline "Medicinal Products. Distribution Practice". Progressive innovations are highlighted, in particular those concerning the top management activity in the quality field.

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  • Describes tendencies of personnel management in Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises in order to estimate the current level of personnel management. Analysis personnel management is a fundamental element of quality system in pharmaceutical industry.

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  • The evolution of total quality management. The regular use of statistical control methods to ensure that quality standards are met and to identify variations from the standards. The concept of total quality control. Company-wide quality control.

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  • Quality control is an operational activity carried out by managers and employees of an enterprise who act in the process of creating a product. Quality assurance through the implementation of the functions of planning and quality control, communication.

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  • The correspondence of the perception of the essence of enterprise management processes and personnel system approach. Justification of the strategic elements of the subsystem of personnel management and tapiserie process of enterprise management.

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  • Modern management concepts and factors of company in the aspect of its growth strategy are. The increase in the capitalization of an enterprise of a complete cycle of cognac production through organizational and economic transformations of the production.

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