Tiles market case from "Cersnit"

Familiarization with market analysis of ceramic tiles in Ukraine. Characteristics of the main consumers and customers company. Research of features the strategy of "market share protection", prices and advertising budget of the company "Cerzanit".

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  • The analysis of agro-industrial production. The designation of the main directions of its progressive development, the development of the market environment, entering the agrarian sector of the economy of Ukraine in the global market communities.

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  • Market entry modes and economic sanctions. Finnish companies doing business in Russia. Cultural differences influencing Finnish-Russian business. Proposing a strategy entry into Russia for the Finnish company "Nanofoot". Market analysis and prognosis.

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  • Research of tendencies and laws of development of the Ukrainian labor market. A list of the main causes of unemployment. Methods the motivation and stimulation of economic activity of the population. The relationship between the work and education.

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  • Essence of prices, its functions. Determining variable costs and economic sense. Break-Even point. A brief description of the industry in which the company operates: identification of the industry and market type, business competitors and their shares.

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  • The research of transparency and the market value of companies on market capitalisation. Transparency index and descriptive statistics. Integrated report methodology index. Management strategy and it is implementation and business model and risks.

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  • Approaches to the company’s dividend policy in the market economy. Analyzing of a system of finance managers’ objectives for the company’s policy. The key factors that influence dividend policy. Examining of the issues of stockholder tax consideration.

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  • Consideration the design of capital market, stock market exchange and alternative investment market, fundamental theories of paying dividend, factors which influence dividend policy of the companies and problems faced by start-up firms seeking capital.

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  • Strategic analysis of the company Philip Morris on the production of cigarettes in the Serbian market. Competitiveness and interaction of factors of the internal environment. An increase in the price of cigarettes and a decrease in purchasing power.

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  • Tendencies of the domestic market in Ukraine in terms of the volatility of the international economic environment, risks for domestic commodity markets caused by increasing global imbalances. The maintaining the stability of the domestic market.

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  • The content of the category employment. Identified the dominant factors influencing the development of the labour market and in Ukraine. Analysis of the main tendencies of employment in reions. The key problems that require structural changes in economy.

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