S. Beckett’s characters

The birth of the "theater of the absurd" as a new trend in literature, evaluation of its contribution to the development of Beckett. An analysis of the character of the Waiting for Godot". The opposition as an structural element of the composition.

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  • National traditions role in enriching and development of the world literature. Romantic poetry. The first major work of literature is the epic poem "Beowulf". Carpe Diem Poetry. The masters of literature from the turn of the XIV century to the present.

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  • David Herbert Lawrence as one of the most outstanding writers in the world of literature. Analysis of some of the most attractive sequences from "Women in Love" where Lawrence, through the characters shows the characteristics of his modernist views.

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  • Mark Twain - a great American writer. An enormous contribution author to literature of his country. Backgrounds and themes of short stories. Humor and satire in Mark Twain‘s works. Analysis of story "Tom Sawyer". Clash of Heroes social injustice.

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  • Biography Francis Scott Fitzgerald is an American writer, the greatest representative of the so-called "lost generation" in the literature. The history of the novel "the Great Gatsby". The creation and story of the film. The actors and the characters.

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  • Definition and analysis of the main character and narrator of the story "Disappearing" by Monica Wood. The study and characteristic of specific features of the context of the society in which he lives a woman: patriarchy, feminism and postmodernism.

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  • William Shakespeare as the father of English literature and drama of the 16th century. His work: classification and chronology. Language creativity and its morphological features. Development of his style and literary device works. Examples of poems.

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  • Analysis of English children's literature created in the twentieth century. Consideration of literary themes and genres. The ideas of Christianity, embodied in the tales of C.S. Lewis. Fantasy genre, driven to perfection in the novels of D.R. Tolkien.

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  • The study of similarities, differences and contradictions in artistic interpretations of military experience. Analysis of the Ukrainian literature of 1941-1943. as a model of Soviet propaganda and "true" artistic texts describing the tragedy of war.

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  • Studying the milestones of Ukrainian literature history: the emergence of "new" literature, specificity of national romanticism and T. Shevchenko’s heritage, peculiarity of Ukrainian populism, the uniqueness of modernism and dilemmas of Soviet literature.

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  • The basic concepts of the essence of art. Literature as a verbal and the visual art. Specific functions of Art: aesthetical, hedonistic, compensatory. The relationship of music and literature, basic social issues that are covered in works of art.

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