Ecological problems

Contamination of atmosphere enterprises. Disappearance of the forests and violation of oxygen balance. Extinction of rare varieties of animals, birds, fishes, drying up of the rivers and lakes. Maintenance of life on a planet for future generations.

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  • The world problems: the amount of energy that is consumed globally. Ecological impacts on the planet. Information communications technologies that have affected the ecology of the planet. Developing environmentally friendly products such as bio-fuels

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  • Water pollution is a large set of adverse effects upon water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater caused by human activities. Sources of water pollution. Water pollution in Belarus. Man-made water systems. Natural water contamination.

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  • Analysis of economic and ecological problems of food industry enterprises on the example of producers of the Vinnytsia region. Features of comparative analysis of environmental payments that are due and actually paid by enterprises in the region.

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  • The structure of the atmosphere and its levels. Sources of pollution of the Earth's air envelope and their negative impact on the overall environmental situation in the environment. The concept and justification of the effect of "global warming".

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  • Trends in the Evolution of the Concept of Ecotourism. The Ecological Problems of Ecotourism in Delicate Forest Ecosystems. Environmental Engineering Considerations in Ecoresort Developments in the Cross River National Park District, their decision.

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  • Characteristics of the main anthropogenic factors of environmental pollution. Analysis of the impact of industrial pollution on the atmosphere. The study of the problem of deforestation. Analysis of measures to create a system of ecological security.

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  • Description Ecologcal situation on the Earth. Ecological Problems. Measures of the protection of atmosphere. Greenhouse effect, and his influence to climate. Acid rains and water pollution. Radiation Nuclear waste. Аgency agreement. Moskow environment.

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  • The greenhouse effect is real and essential for life on the Earth. Pollution is one of the most burning problems of nowadays. The Earth has enough for every man’s need, but not for man’s greed. Changes in technology must be baked by slower growth.

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  • Parsing the ecological status of the territory of Ukraine. Analysis of climate change on Earth. An analysis of the problem of the shortage of fresh water on Earth. The problem of damage to the chemical balance of soil today.

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  • The study of environmental problems in Nigeria: desertification and soil erosion. Forest degradation and loss of biodiversity in these areas. The study of effective ways of preserving forests. The influence of forests on the climate of the country.

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