Detecting features on triangular meshes by tensor voting

Investigation of polygonal meshes to represent objects in systems of computer-aided design and computer graphics. Use the method of the voting tensor to isolate in the geometric structures the sparsities, irregularities and possible sources of noise.

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  • Проблема интеграции программного обеспечения инженера: Computer Aided Modeling, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer Aided Design. Объемное конструирование и геометрическое моделирование. Системы разработки рабочих чертежей инженерных конструкций.

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  • Suggestion information model of environment of computer-aided design, consisting of a сontrol processor, thematic coprocessors and executing processors. The scheme of processors control in the information model. Interaction of thematic coprocessors.

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  • Universal design principles. Peculiarities of using multi-sensory systems. Applying speech, non-speech, sound, touch, handwriting and gestures in multi-modal systems. Recognition problems in interactive computer systems. Personal orientation of design.

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  • Characteristics and purpose of computer databases. Database features for web e-Commerce site. Application storage archive them to external sources. The process of loading and managing data. To determine the basis for access to online registration systems.

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  • The modern computer technologies. Drawing of clock-pulse generator that from pulse sequence for all programming system. Engineering graphics OrCAD Capture. Projecting and design of principal schemes in electronics, microelectronics and electrotechniques.

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  • The computer graphics is one of the popular directions of use of the personal computer. Benefits of the program Corel Draw. Importing files of different formats. Standard window interface. Tools for drawing lines. Change the shape and color of objects.

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  • Описание и характеристика систем автоматизированого проектирования, разделённых в соответствии с международной классификацией на: системы CAD (computer aided design), CAM (aided manufacturing), CAE (aided engineering) и PLM (product lifecycle management).

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  • A General idea on the basis of information contained in cryptographic systems. Feature encryption standard "Rijndael". The principles of encoding data with a public key algorithm RSA. Safety standards models of information flow in computer programs.

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  • Practical acquaintance with the capabilities, configuration of firewalls. Information security in computer systems. Identify and control applications. The addition of security devices. Regular inspections of all users, regardless of location or device.

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  • Basic directions in the design of the interface. The interaction between human and computer. Introduction to user preferences, as to the operation of the computer system. The principles used to create virtual navigation for the operating system.

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