An improved prediction of DCT-based image filters efficiency using regression analysis

In the article efficiency of DCT-based filters for a wide-class of images is investigated. The study is carried out for additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) case with several intensity levels. Local DCT-based filter is used as basic denoising technique.

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  • The methods of image segmentation, a process of division of an image into different segments which contain pixels of similar color, are considered. Graph-based segmentation algorithm, which is based on Kruskal’s algorithm is implemented in C++ language.

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  • Course determination algorithm that proposed based on the correlation of pairs of images. The errors of course determination that are investigated for different threshold values of normalized correlation coefficient. Components of course errors.

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  • The analysis of algorithms for image representation to recognition of 3D face scans with the presence of facial expressions. The input point cloud based on curvature analysis and range image representation to achieve a representation of the face features.

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  • Joint fingerprinting and decryption of broadcast messages. An estimation attack on content-based video fingerprinting. Statistics- and spatiality-based feature distance measure for error resilient image authentication. Analysis based on quartic equation.

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  • The concept of image segmentation as one of the topics of computer vision. The features of the process of dividing the image into segments that contain pixels of similar color. The implementation of the algorithm based on Kruskal's algorithm in C++.

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  • The regression models of software project duration based on project effort. Equations of confidence interval of a non-linear regression model of software project duration based on Johnson transformation for the personal computer development platform.

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  • Development of the program, applying the technique of surface voxelization of 3D-models based on graphic processes. Review of existing methods voxelization 3D-scenes view of the art surface voxelization. Analysis and results of performance tests.

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  • Analysis of developing classification task based on structural connectomes. Custom metrics based on random walk logarithms. Performance metric and hyperparameters grid search. Results obtained for this functional connectivity based parcellation scheme.

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  • Human Insulin, PDB entry 1AIO. Image produced with PDB Structure Explorer, which is based on MolScript. Virus structure, superimposed over its PDB summary information. Image produced with PDB Structure Explorer, which is based on MolScript and Raster3D.

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  • Features of testing on the usability, functionality and acceptability of an interactive system. Some approaches, based on expert evaluation: review, query techniques, analytic and model-based methods. Principles of choosing ways of measurements.

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