The history of the invention of jeans

Creating Levi Strauss jeans in a working quality clothing for farmers. Features tissue, characteristic for trousers. Popularity of jeans among young people. A patent to a production of "workers in overalls strapless with pockets for knife and money".

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  • Study of features of lysergic acid diethylamide opening. Characteristic aspects of cornflakes in the United States. Analysis of the background of the invention of the pacemaker. Characteristics based on the version of the discoverer of anesthesia.

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  • Features of the application of methods for monitoring the state of the wooden structure in the production flow. Ways to optimize the prediction of wood properties using various NDE methods. The combination of methods for effective quality control of wood.

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  • History of the appearance of ceramics. Ceramic products, types of ceramics. Features of technology of production of ceramic products. Ceramics of the Urals. The Perm State Arts Gallery is big Museums in the Ural region. Changes to the "Willow Pattern".

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  • The food industry is unthinkable without fundamental science that is without scientific researches, highly technological production systems. The updating of technologies, the creating of new for future food technologies on fundamental science discoveries.

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  • During the development of natural resources of people actively in contact with unfavorable environmental conditions. It concerns the use of floating means. To reduce the adverse effects of environment requires the design of products for special purposes.

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  • The main production methods jet fuels rocket engines. Prospects for the use of various raw materials to produce jet fuels in the context of limited energy resources. The impact of processing production and use of aviation fuels on the environment.

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  • New approaches to research and construction microbial producers of antibiotics. Nutrient mediums for biosynthesis. Oil refining, purification and quality control. Screening of libraries of synthetic compounds. Culturing producer strains broad spectrum.

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  • Impact indicators coal shiites in the properties of the resulting coke. Coking process with the help of passive experiment. Effect of changes in the number of components of the coal charge on the quality of the coke at various technologies of sintering.

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  • Defining features of the motion of moving the controls in vibroudarnogo qualifier. Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of processing of minerals. Creating an analytic function, which could describe the trajectory of the mass center of the rink.

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  • The link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent applications to human needs and quality of life. History and main branches of engineering. Social context of engineering in Ukraine. European federation of engineering consultancy associations.

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