Bad loans and their impact on the stability of the banking system in Ukraine

The concept and the main causes of bad loans, an assessment of their prevalence in modern banking system of Ukraine. Their financial rationale and ways to solve this problem. The process of checking the quality of a bank loan, requirements to it.

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  • The concept of implicit consolidation processes in the banking system and the development of a new approach to calculating the level of consolidation of banks. Influence of implicit consolidation of bank capital on risks in the banking system of Ukraine.

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  • The banking system and its impact on financial stability and strength of the state economy. The emergence, characteristics and development of Islamic financial system, a description of the main principles of its functioning. The essence of Islamic banking

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  • The system of management of problem loans as a set of elements, the interaction of which allows to minimize losses of the bank in relations with borrowers. Characteristics, analysis of the effectiveness of strategies for managing bad debts in the bank.

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  • The banking system is a key element of the financial system. Factors affecting the stability of the Russian banking system. The role of the probability of default in the process of risk management. The rating of banks based on their likelihood of default.

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  • Banking services and the banking system in England and Russia. The banking system is one of the most important instruments of the economy. Establishing a bank account. Structure of banking system. The responsibilities of the central bank in the UK.

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  • The problem of the organization of Bank lending of the enterprises of small and average business in Ukraine. Promote the involvement of the banking system in formation of investment resources of enterprises. Simplify enterprise access to credit resources.

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  • The history of banking business in Kazakhstan. Savings of individuals and entities. The procedure for issuing loans the commercial banks in Kazakhstan. Issue of their own bonds. Basic functions of banks. Banking organizations and their business.

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  • Improving the financial services sector in Uzbekistan. The advantages of using online banking, the assessment of potential risks and disadvantages. Providing loans and transactions. Ensuring the security and protection of the electronic payment system.

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  • Concept of bank and banking system. The current situation of banking system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Structure of total liabilities of the banking sector. Problems and perspectives of development of banking system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • Theoretical bases and improving the regulation and supervision of banking activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Financial Supervisory Committee. Implementation of the prudential norms largest second-tier banks. The stability of the banking system.

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