Development potential of transcontinental integration

Analyzes transcontinental integration as a new trend in the development of integration processes in the modern world economy. The potential for its development in the context of European, North American and Asia-Pacific models of regional integration.

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  • Сommercialization of innovative scientific developments, innovative products using and actively promoting to the market should become one of main conditions for competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises improving in the processes of European integration.

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  • The essence of economic integration and its main stages is revealed. The evolution of integrative forms is investigated. The role of the customs union as a prerequisite for the further development of integration in the long term is substantiated.

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  • The development of the idea of a united Europe. The EU's actions for insurance the safety and security. Economic and social solidarity of the member states, promoting the European model of society. Historic steps of creation and expansion of the Union.

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  • The essence of European economic integration. The consequences of economic integration in trade, the consequences of Market integration of the European Union and its impact on foreign trade. Threats, challenges in the last stage of economic integration.

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  • Comparison of a large economy of China with a economy of Hong Kong. Comparative analysis of the integration processes in Europe with the integration processes between Hong Kong and China. Practical aspects of trade in goods and services within the CEPA.

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  • An analysis of the key aspects on which the unity of the European Community is based. The problem of determining the political, cultural and legal impact on the nature of the described process. Ideological bases of the process of European integration.

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  • Economic integration of Ukraine in the EU. The prospects and drawbacks in the economic areas of the DCFTA implementation. Trade relations between Ukraine and the EU. The necessity of developing a long-term strategy for Ukraine’s economic development.

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  • The impact of the integration of Poland and the European Union on the conditions for the functioning of Polish agriculture, in particular, financing development and modernization. Assessment of the level of financial support of the European Union.

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  • Analysis of cross-border cooperation of the Euroregion Bug and the role of the Euroregion in the process of globalization and development. Euroregional cooperation in Poland, its importance for integration between the West and the East of Europe.

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  • The gradual adaptation of experience of the financial sector of the Europe. Balanced approach to the implementation of European standards in terms of a deep free trade area. Recommendations to address the development of the financial market of Ukraine.

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