Two-step recommendations: contrast analysis and matrix factorization techniques

Presentation of two-step recommendation model based on Contrast Analysis and Matrix Factorization techniques which mutually complement each other. Providing brief overview of different Matrix Factorization approaches. Founding Influence search algorithm.

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  • Comparison of the results of combining quality indicators presented in verbal-numerical scales (based on the matrix of correspondence between the classes of verbal and numerical equivalence), with the aim of obtaining the scale of complex quality index.

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  • A focused factory is a approach for manufacturing enterprise. The development of heuristic scheduling algorithm in step-by-step method. Nagare cell is a combination of manual and semiautomatic machine for maximum output flexibility for productions.

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  • The development of understanding the least squares and related statistical methods without becoming excessively mathematical. The review of key concepts in simple linear regression, matrix operations, and multiple regression. Geometric interpretations.

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  • Building the continuous linear model of international trade based on the theory of probabilistic processes. Analysis of commodity-money flows between the parties to the Treaty under the given rules of the contractual relationship continuously in time.

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  • Основы использования формально-логических методов математического моделирования теплообменных объектов в технологических установках. Описание этапов выполнения технических вычислений с помощью компьютерного языка программирования Matrix Laboratory.

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  • Justification of the importance of financial analysis of enterprises in the modern market economy. Estimating of the current financial condition of the enterprise using the constructed fuzzy model that implements Mamdani's fuzzy inference method.

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  • The influence of controlled and uncontrolled factors on price formation in public procurement procedures. Advantages and drawbacks of competitive tender procedures. The mathematical model for estimating the expected procurement price depending of bidders.

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  • The models for calculating the number of buses of different types depending on the variable passenger time and a specified interval of vehicles. The analysis of the influence of the speed of vehicles on the total costs of motor transport enterprises.

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  • The analysis of modern approaches to forecasting of innovative development. The building of the predictive models in economic systems. The use of methodology of overcoming of temporal gap for calculating the extremum points of cycles of reproduction.

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  • Transformation of model equations and analysis. The mathematical model that explores the dynamics of the impact of the use of condom and therapeutic treatment simultaneously. Nonlinear differential equation system consisting in groups of the population.

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