Leukotrienes: their possible role in pulpal and periapical diseases

Leukotrienes play an role in inflammation and its sequelae: pain, swelling, bone resorption. their history, structure, synthesis, metabolism, biological effects, inhibitors, antagonists, and their role in pathogenesis of pulpal and periapical disease.

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  • General characteristics of bacterial infections of the dental pulp, familiarity with major consequences. Peculiarities of periapical lesions histologically. Analysis of hypothesized role of restorative cytokines in periapical lesion pathogenesis.

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  • Hypothetical model illustrating the role of the inflammatory process in the development of pulpal necrosis. The major mechanisms regulating pulpal blood flow. The short review of various methods of reduction of pain during endodontic treatments.

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  • Correct pulpal diagnosis as the key to all predictable endodontic treatment. Describe the current knowledge of the pulp and periapical status as it relates to the diagnosis. Familiarisation with the most common diagnostic tests and critical reviews.

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  • This case of periapical actinomycosis presented the clinical picture of chronic periapical inflammation. The diagnosis was based on the histological examination of the periapical lesions suggesting the necessity for routine histological examination.

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  • The recent introduction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs has generated enthusiasm as class of analgesic drugs. The pharmacology of the COX-2 inhibitors from the perspective of their potential role in the management of the endodontic pain patient.

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  • Records of 2202 maxillary anterior teeth endodontically treated at the University of Michigan. Еntries of teeth presenting with periapical radiolucencies. the incidence of painless pulpitis relate to gender or tooth type. Progress to pulpal necrosis.

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  • The pharmacological effect of the Phytocomposition №1+PhytoF on the functional state of hepatocytes, metabolism of proteins in comparison with the classical hepatoprotector Essentiale. The role of ceruloplasminin of protein metabolism in the liver.

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  • Periapical lesions - an expression of the reaction of the organism, which actively prevents the spread of bacteria from the infected root canal in the surrounding tissue. Qualitative and quantitative cell research. The composition of periapical granuloma.

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  • The main stages of the recovery process integrity of bone in the case of instability of bone fragments and a significant distance between them. Factors affecting proliferation, differentiation of osteogenic cells, synthesis of extracellular matrix.

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  • Histological studies of inflammation of fibrous connective tissue. The surgical removal of a painful process. Drug encapsulation technique in the root canal periapical region of the left central incisor tooth. Analysis of representation of the case.

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