Ebay's cross-border bid of Korean Gmarket

Investigation of the absorption processes of companies at the international level. The history of eBay, its place in the field of e-commerce. Creating a payment system. Reasons to buying Korean Gmarket, assessment of the adequacy of the offer price.

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  • Issues of regional and cross-border cooperation of Ukraine and the Visegrad Four countries. The policy of establishing border relations with the countries of the European Union. Priority areas on which the strengthening of this area should be based.

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  • Theoretical basis for comparing the effectiveness of international and state companies. Action theory of the principal agent in companies. The behavior of international and state oil companies in the period of falling prices for oil and natural gas.

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  • The creating a national system of international development assistance in the Russia. National priorities in the field of international assistance, financing priorities. Prospects for Russia's participation in multilateral international organizations.

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  • The theoretical aspects of coopetition, its’ prerequisites and outcomes. The tendency of coopetitive relations among international oil & gas companies: the prerequisites and outcomes. The changes in the strategy of the international oil companies.

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  • Studying history of the industrial group Samsung, one of the monsters of the modern economy, which began the colonization of the Korean. Industries that characterize the work of Samsung including a huge selection of products: from toasters to aircraft.

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  • Investigation of the structure of the world market and its comparison with the structure of the domestic market. Assessment of benefits of international trade. The role of the WTO in the global economy. Foreign trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • The nature and system rules of development of the European Union. Features of the monetary and banking system of the EU, which is made up of the European Central Bank and the national banks of member-states. Characteristics of the target payment system.

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  • The analysis of the instruments of state regulation offoreign economic activity and the role in these processes of economic diplomacy, namely the anti-crisis diplomatic function, is aimed at ensuring national security. Level of international cooperation.

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  • The place of Ukraine in the system of world innovation processes. The general economic and regional conditions of forming of cluster systems. The mechanism of forming of scientific parks as the the mechanism of development of innovation processes.

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  • The influence of the value of trading partner countries, increasing the distance between them on the level of trade. Transport costs, tariffs as constraints of trade between countries. The modelling of trade flows and the paradox of the "border puzzle".

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