Post-clearance control in the integrated border management

The essence of customs inspections, available definitions of the given concept are analyzed. According to the results of the research the essence and economic contents of the post-clearance control based on the audit methods is formulated and defined.

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  • Studying of post-clearance audit as a tool for customs control for implementation of the State customs policy. Violations of tax and customs legislation concerning the release of goods in free circulation into the customs territory of the State.

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  • The functions and powers of the customs authorities. The procedure for movement of goods across the border. Classification of the forms of customs control. Commodity nomenclature subject to supervision. Clearance of imports and exports at customs.

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  • Analysis of the current state of the organization of customs procedures in the context of facilitation of world trade, the implementation of Ukraine's obligations. Comparison of the existing in Ukraine problems on simplification of customs procedures.

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