Dance genre synthesis in the opera "Don Juan” by W. A. Mozart

The study of the embodiment of a concept of a dance genre synthesis in the context of the opera "Don Juan" by W. A. Mozart created at the end of the XVIII century. The influence of different dance genres on formation of the music and stage dramaturgy.

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  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative parameters of the genre structure of contemporary ensemble works of Ukrainian authors. Dynamic of the evolution of the structure of chamber-instrumental genres. Description of common types of genre interference.

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  • Creating the main forms of canonical worship as a musical genre - Liturgy and Vigil - are brought to the light. The identify of historical stages of Orthodox liturgical singing tradition and its transformation into a genre and form of music art.

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  • Study the directions and trends in the modern Church and pasazerow music. Consideration of creative content, genre and stylistic peculiarities and differences of the works of composer A. Gaidenko "it is truly meet", "o Theotokos the virgin, rejoice".

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  • Анализ эволюции танцевальных направлений электронной музыки. История возникновения таких музыкальных стилей, как минимал-техно, абстрактный хип-хоп и IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). Выявление роли музыкантов-экспериментаторов и звукозаписывающих компаний.

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  • Information about the life and work of the great composer W. A. Mozart. Youth, training and the beginning of the creative path of the composer. Feature most famous works and musical style. The myths and legends surrounding the identity of the composer.

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  • Research of historical information about the evolution of musical folklore of Ukraine. Analysis of the transformation of genre dominants. The appearance of hymns and vivats with instrumental accompaniment. Study of the gender composition of performers.

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  • Концепция звукового решения ирландского танцевального шоу. Музыкальная драматургия шоу. История Ирландской музыки и танцев. Разновидности ирландских танцев в зависимости от мелодии и музыкального размера, их характеристика: джига, рил, хорнпайп и пр.

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