Сomparative analysis of cross-cultural awareness and foreign economic relations of Great Britain and the Netherlands

Assessment and analysis of the degree of the UK integration in the global space. Comparison of selected countries on key indicators of the level of international integration. Impact of cross-cultural characteristics of countries to the management style.

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  • Creating transnational corporations allowed to unite representatives of different business cultures into a single system that works for positive economic results. Combining technology at international level. Management of positive and negative factors.

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  • Consideration of the developed criteria for the effectiveness of management services. Characteristics of the indicators of a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of management of the banking sector. Analysis of management in "Kazkommertsbank".

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  • Theoretical basis of "green" marketing. Marketing evolution into "green" marketing. Difference between definitions. Cross-cultural comparison. Empirical research on BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China. Statistics. "Green brands" strategy review.

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  • Analysis of projects at crowdfunding venues in different countries. Methods to attract interest from potential sponsor. Managerial factors affecting the increased likelihood of a successful start-up project. Overview of the Russian crowdfunding platform.

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  • The analysis of the development of scientific thought in the field of management since its inception to the present time. Definition of core management principles and the impact of new social and economic factors due to the realities of the XXI century.

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  • Characteristics of the main indicators of an assessment of risk. The place and role of these indicators in the management and organization of innovative projects. Effective determination of the level of risk associated with the activities of enterprises.

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  • The positive side of intercultural communication within international corporations. Communication problems foreigners, the benefits of multiculturalism. Professional contacts with representatives of different cultures, their usefulness to corporations.

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  • Determination of the foundations of management analysis for the adoption of economically-informed decisions, assessing the reliability of partners and technology management analysis, to determine the most optimal variant of tax policy of the company.

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  • Theoretical framework of management by engagement. Research design and methodology. Analysis of management by engagement implementation experience in Russian and global companies operating in Russia. Task level resources and organization of work.

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  • Integration of the global and business environment. Corporate social responsibility at the modern enterprise. Making profit as the main goal of the company. The internal environment of the organization, its influence on the management decisions.

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