Maintenance of cultural identity through ethnocentrism

Main aspets of ethnocentrism as a mechanism to save cultural identity. Ethnocentrism is perceived as a negative phenomenon. After conductiong the research, come to the conclusion that ethnocentrism the best ways preserve and maintain etnic identity.

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  • Analysis of the phenomenon of civic identity as a component of students' personal adaptation, psychological approaches to its study. Review of the competence approach to identity as a person’s personal value of a certain ethnic and religious affiliation.

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  • he author’s understanding of the concept of "national identity" is presented. It is estimated that the main factors of the development of the national identity of students are vocational education, which they acquire at a higher educational institution.

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  • The essence and features of the formation of professional identity and its relationship with self-trust of future psychologists. The interrelation of the degree of awareness of belonging to the profession and community with the level of self-confidence.

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  • The diversity of organizations and working groups as a prerequisite for the formation of a special type of social identity, as professional, organizational or managerial. Principles of work motivation, association and differences in organizations.

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  • The study of psychological features of specialists training in globalization and integration conditions. The development in the students of interest for the chosen profession. Factors influencing the formation of the professional identity of specialists.

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  • The study of the interaction of gender and ethnicity as a factor in the isolation of a person that deeply affects the formation of personality, as well as a review of research on gender socialization and ethnic identity of minorities in American society.

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  • Socio-cultural diversity of ideas about a person's appearance, his expressiveness, symbolism, role in the socio-cultural stratification. Appearance as a complex and historically changeable socio-cultural construct inherent in the culture of the ethnos.

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  • Analysis of gender identity influence on the formation of life. The formation of the life of the individual scenarios in adolescence. The diagnosis of gender identity influence on the formation of the life of the individual scenarios in adolescence.

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  • The basic mechanisms of professional identity of the personality. Studying the process of self-determination, which implies a conscious career choice based on activation of the internal potential of the personality. The indicators of self-identification.

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  • Consideration of the main provisions of the narrative direction of qualitative psychological research. Research of self-disclosure strategies of women with non-traditional sexual orientation in the process of interaction with the standard social context

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