Creativity - prequisite for the development and quality of human life

The concept of "quality of life" is considered, which is studied by different sciences. It is brought that the conscious use of one's own potential and creativity gives a person the opportunity for self-realization and promotes her pleasure from life.

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  • Determination of methods of motivation of students for a foreign language lesson. The creative potential of the student as a tool of motivation. Development of creativity in foreign language lessons at elementary, intermediate and advanced level.

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  • Research of ideas of the life activity safety. The marginality of the safeness phenomenon, urgency of its studying at various stages of ontogenetic development. The model and program of development of teenagers’ ideas of the life activity safety.

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  • The process of formation of creativity of future social teachers is analyzed. The structure of independent work which is aimed at self-realization, self-development, self-realization of the creative skills of future social teachers is described.

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  • Adaptation of the future specialist in various life situations in the process of training in individual programs. Preparing for the search for a professional path, your own ability to self-realization in the process of life and professional choice.

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  • Setting the context for a discussion of quality measures, the demographic landscape early care. Programs that support early language and literacy development. Defining quality in childhood that promote dual language learners’ development and learning.

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  • The development of intelligent, highly conscious personality with social position, ready for the competition to choose his place in life. Learning process of mastering the fundamentals of science, the wealth of national and world culture in the school.

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  • Illumination of creativity of the Ukrainian public figure Ivan Filipchak. Systematization of pedagogical knowledge. The introduction of human and national values in the educational process. Formation of patriotic consciousness among young people.

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  • The logic as the heart of mathematics, indicating some of the areas of difficulty and some of the opportunities that exist in mathematics. The role of investigative work and the place of formal proofs. The main purpose of the mathematics course.

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  • Public schools: the education is of a high quality; the discipline is very strict. British university courses, the cost of education. Pre-school and primary education, its features and characteristics. Social, Cultural and Sporting Life at School.

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  • The actual problem of optimizing the training of modern personnel in the system of university education. Development of strategy and tactics, to develop the methodology for managing educational activities, ensuring a positive dynamics of its quality.

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