Dewey, Derrida, and "the Double Bind"

Differences and the Place of the Ethical and Institutional in Derrida. Mandela and the Deconstructive Laws of Reflection. Derrida, Dewey and the Double Bind of Postmodern Criticism. Dewey’s Copernican Revolution: Decentering the metaphysics of presence.

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  • The disputes about modernity and post-modernity in philosophy, the differences among Gadamer, Habermas and Rorty Focusing on praxis of the themes practical discourse. The cleavages and irreconcilable differences turn out to be differences of emphasis.

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  • Postmodern space: Certeau and Jameson. Method Foucault and panopticism. places, spaces, and the evolution of maps. Panopticism, cartography, and the "Utopian" city. Transversality and anamnesis. Perspective and the panoptic gaze. Transversal discourse.

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  • Versions of a structuralist view of mathematical objects. Ideas from the metaphysical tradition. Distinction between "basic" and "constructed" structures. The usual apparatus of first-order logic. Minimal way of expressing simple cardinality statements.

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  • Borges may employ what philosophy cannot, "mystery and the surprise effect in literature to achieve that sacred astonishment at the universe which is the origin of all true religion and metaphysics". Funes the Memorious: The logocentric linguist.

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  • Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi - the founder of philosophy within the Islamic world. Synthesis of metaphysics and Sufism in the ideas of the philosopher. Translating the works Aristotle and Plato. The concept of happiness in the al-Faribi’s philosophy.

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  • A study of how useful Whitehead's worldview can be. The power of the postmodern mixture of philosophy that he releases through analysis of the connection between industrialism and war. Practical commitment: conservative, Victorian, imperialist.

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  • Biographical sketch of the life and activities of the famous French philosopher Michel Foucault. particularly Freudian criticism in the works of the scientist. Comparison of the ancient and the Christian attitude to sexuality. The value of prohibitions.

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  • Slavoj Zizek uses examples from popular culture to explain the theory of Jacques Lacan and also uses Lacanian psychoanalysis, Hegelian philosophy and Marxist economic criticism to interpret and speak extensively on immediately current social phenomena.

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  • The analysis of the philosophical doctrine of the English scientist John Locke's of man and theory of knowledge. The problems of the philosophy of nature and science in his works. Study and criticism of Locke judgments about the people and substances.

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  • Analysis of the relationship between the target object and the object as a transcendence. Explication of the Husserl criticism of the epistemological theory of signs, from which one of the most problematic theses of the phenomenology of Husserl grows.

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