A frame-semantic approach to analyzing concepts as complex semantic units of political discourse

The study of discourses and genres that give a special perspective, affecting other options in relation to various aspects of the political concept. Characterization of the projection of one frame on another, which serves as a cognitive function.

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  • Characteristics and pragmatic significance of the semantic parameters of political apology in the media discourse. Public discontent of political apology. Illocutionary force indicating devices and explicit expression of the acknowledgement of guilt.

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  • Determination of the cognitive approach its performance in its interpretation of the discourse. The study of frame structures in the German literature. Analysis of the functioning of the frame structures, denoting appearance of a person in the novel.

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  • Study of the problem of conceptualization of the world in the channeling discourse. Channeling as a special type of communication between a person and a higher spiritual entity. Description of the concept "DEATH" in the terminology of frame analysis.

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  • The proverb’s core semantic frames (similarity, destroying) as well as its specific grammatical structure (word order, particle of exclusion), the illocutionary force. The peculiar circumstances of the current debate. A narrative, the line of argument.

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  • Cognitive linguistics is an approach to the study of language which is based upon human perception and conceptualization of the world. The main concepts of cognitive linguistics. Literal, figurative language as complex concepts. The notion of "metaphor".

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  • The assaying of lexical and semantic structure of the concept multilingualism, which will allow us to define the complex of linguistic means verbalizing the concept and to single out the cognitive features which compile the concept under investigation.

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  • Study of the semantic nature of certain groups, which are based on common features in related languages. Certain categories of semantic fields in the theory of cognitivists. Features of the selection of semantic classifications as verbalizers of concepts.

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  • Study of stylistic problems of translation of English-language political texts. Features of the transfer of stylistic means within the framework of political discourse. Relevant options for the transfer of metaphors, euphemisms in the Ukrainian language.

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  • Study of grammatical and lexical components of US political discourse, their concatenation and interdependence within this discourse. Identify the main morphological and syntactic characteristics of theatricality strategy in the US political discourse.

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  • It is argued that the multiperspective approach to the study of the text units accounts for a wider outlook toward disclosing the authentic message of the text. The mechanism of expanding the semantic data field of the key units considered is shown.

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