Positive and negative effects of international migration on Ukraine

Globalization as a factor in international migration. Political and economic instability of Ukraine. Formation of migration flows in Ukraine. The reduction in the number of economically active population of Ukraine, the situation on the Labor market.

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  • Main problems of current economic and political situation in Japan and Ukraine. The fields problematic aspects of joining Japan in trans-pacific partnership and Ukraine's accession to the EU. Identification of possible ways of sustainable development.

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  • Levels of relations and communications in the system of international economic cooperation. The results of Ukraine's participation in the Seventh Framework Program. The objectives of the EU to Ukraine and other countries that formerly part of the Union.

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  • Economic integration of Ukraine in the EU. The prospects and drawbacks in the economic areas of the DCFTA implementation. Trade relations between Ukraine and the EU. The necessity of developing a long-term strategy for Ukraine’s economic development.

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  • Diplomatic relations between Ukraine and India. Bilateral treaties and agreements. The Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation. Technical, cultural cooperation. Renewal of bilateral political dialogue between Ukraine and India at the level of top officials.

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  • At present, EU member states have a different level of social and economic development. These are countries advanced in development as well as economically backward. The social and economic development of Ukraine in comparison to other EU member states.

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  • Coverage political and economic situation in the world. Defining the role of supranational military-political blocs, the possibility of coalitions of control groups, and international organizations in the development of society, economy and culture.

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  • An identification of concepts self and other in William Hague’s political online discourse concerning the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. Materials of the Hague’s online Facebook and Twitter discourse about Ukraine.

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  • Establishment of the international Ukrainian-Canadian relations in the post-Soviet era. Canada was the first of the western states to acknowledge the independence of Ukraine. The Canadian support Ukraine. Official visits of the first persons of states.

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  • Evaluation of the impact of globalization on the economic competitiveness of Slovakia. The essence of globalization processes. The position of Slovakia in this rating. Characteristics of tax benefits, labor market and political situation in the country.

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  • Human resource management. Human Resources in the Health Sectors. Concepts of motivation. An overview of migration and its impact on healthcare. Motivation indicators, migration in the Ghana health sector. Pull and push factors. Features of methodology.

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