Three discourses on religion in neo-pragmatism

Pragmatist treatment of "religious" and postmodern criticism of radicalized post-Kantian forms of enlightenment, leading directly to atheism. Dewey's socio-philosophical ideas. Study of religious experience, various doctrinal and spiritual practices.

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  • The essence of the philosophy of religion. The main aspects and functions of religions. The difference and similarity of the worldview of a philosopher of religion and its adherent. Situations in which religious diversity leads to religious division.

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  • Research and analysis such basic methods for Russian philosophical culture as phenomenological and existential. The study and characteristic of the deep methodological phenomena of Russian religious thought presupposes further development of religious.

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  • Characteristic of the specificity of moral norms. Analysis of the formation of moral rules, principles and normative value of ideas. Study of the noral values in human existence. Characteristic of religion and religious values, and values in law.

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  • The main tendencies of the development of religious education in modern Ukraine, for example, are the selection of the main philosophical and methodological approaches to teaching ("modern" and "postmodern"). Concept of dialogue-culturological project.

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  • Differences and the Place of the Ethical and Institutional in Derrida. Mandela and the Deconstructive Laws of Reflection. Derrida, Dewey and the Double Bind of Postmodern Criticism. Dewey’s Copernican Revolution: Decentering the metaphysics of presence.

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  • The presence of sober economic calculation, appeal to the heavenly ideal - the main features of the philosophical views of puritans. Socio-cultural background of the idea of religious-Messianic god-chosen protestant congregations of the New England.

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  • The existing philosophical approaches to manifestation of the secularization and to determine the origin of post-secular age concept. Analysys of the achievements of Charles Taylor and his contribution in the modern philosophical and religious studies.

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  • Consideration of the principle of intellectual reconciliation. An analysis of a hidden atheistic argument disguised as honest neutral reasoning. Adherence to the ethical requirement of rationality. Study of philosophical psychology of religious faith.

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  • Study of the direction of pragmatism in philosophy. C. Pierce, James and J. Dewey as the founding fathers of this movement. Differences between the philosophy of pragmatism and metaphysics. Addressing the future within the framework of pragmatism.

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  • The place and role of religion and religious be - liefs in the philosophy of the Lvov-Warsaw School. The philosophical activity and the main achievements of Kazimierz Twardowski, the founder of the School, and his disciples from the Lvov-Warsaw School.

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