Hardware configuraion in systems for stabilization of information and measuring devices

Problems of hardware configuration in systems for stabilization of information and measuring devices operated at vehicles of wide class in difficult conditions of disturbances action. Analysis of modern devices and units used in stabilization systems.

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  • The main stages of the automatic assembly of cylinder connection. The structural elements of the flexible automated production. Prospect for the automation of machine building production. The main types of heat exchange in technological systems.

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  • Proposal and implementation of a new methodology for calculating the bending finned tubes for heat exchange systems. Getting high-quality bends with minimum radius of bending pipes bimetallic and monometallic. The use of technology in the helical rolling.

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  • The way which will permit to combine existing software products in an integrated computer-aided design system for the design of given plant. Unified operations dialog interaction kernel environment and a textual description dialogue procedures.

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  • Analyze existing installations for fire testing of building constructions both in Ukraine and abroad. Design a model of fire furnace was. Determination of the fire resistance of different constructive systems. Implementation of models of fire furnаces.

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  • Development of a managed system architecture with the possibility of full-scale parametric optimization. Systematization of the architecture of the conversion system by the example of the technological process of liquid heating. Software designer EFFLI.

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  • Study of problems the sufficient conditions for the existence of solutions of linear nonhomogeneous impulsive boundary value problems with small perturbations when generating boundary value problem of impulsive has solutions for arbitrary right-hand side.

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  • Determination the rigidity of constructive elements involved into the rated diagram of electromechanical system of the drive of spherical mill. Defining the rigidity of the elements entering a kinematic circuit of any electromechanical systems of drives.

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  • Design, develop Micro Air vehicle system provides a platform to support a very wide variety of missions for the small unit. Further miniaturization of electronics and sensors these vehicles to become even smaller and to operate in complex environments.

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  • The food industry is unthinkable without fundamental science that is without scientific researches, highly technological production systems. The updating of technologies, the creating of new for future food technologies on fundamental science discoveries.

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  • Development of flexible-wing Micro Air Vehicles at the University of Florida. Design intent and approach, identifying airplane components, fabrication techniques and various testing methods used to assess overall airplane and component performance.

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